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  1. London86

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome, you've got the bug now, and it'll be difficult to get rid of it, especially as you've already made that 1st jump! Yeah, skydiving isn't really the cheapest of hobbies :D for a good course to get you through to your A license, you can expect to spend around the $3k mark Whichever way you decide to go, good luck on the license progression :)
  2. London86

    Newbie in TX

    Welcome :) Which DZ in Texas are you doing your AFF at? Tunnel time was by far the best for helping me become stable too, i had the same problem on my level 4. The fear and nervousness is normal, i found that what helped me in the ride up was to close my eyes, and visualize the skydive, if you aren't already doing so, try giving that a go. my instructors would also do a breathing excersize with me, where both myself and her would take 3 deep breaths at the same time, it really helped. Ask your instructor for more advice :) I found when i wasn't arching as good as i should be, that taking literally 2 seconds and taking a deep breath in and out sorted me out, and you can feel the difference straight away once you go into a better arch. It'll all come within time Keep at it with the landings, you'll get there soon - it's a great feeling standing up for the first time!
  3. London86

    How to side-slide video

    As a newbie - this is what i was the worst at during my training, i think it was on my 13th or 14th jump training. I did a sort of slide and flew into a spin Planning on working on these as i continue on.
  4. London86

    Skyvan fun

  5. London86

    Brand new AFF graduate

    That level 6 exit looked super fun! Congrats man, i'm in the same boat as you, graduated AFF last month and half way through my coaching jumps, A license within the next 4 hopefully :) Awesome video's - hell of a lot more stable than i was on your early jumps!
  6. London86

    Starting on the SDU program!

  7. London86

    Hi! I'm new here...

    Haha that intro had me laughing Welcome! i'm in the same boat as you right now.. learning. I'm progressing onto my AFF level 5 this weekend, hoping to get the last 3 lessons done and finished this weekend, weather permitting! Good luck on the AFF when the time comes, no doubt you'll love it :)