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  1. Toggle

    Do you have my goggles?

    Super clever shirt! Love it!
  2. Toggle

    Dropzones in Dallas area

    Fake news. The Dallas area has started and graduated a ton of students from AFF. Be at the drop zone and be ready to jump. You’ll skydive plenty.
  3. I can't help but laugh at all of the people on here that have never been to Lodi but think bad things about it based on the comments made here by the keyboard warriors. Lodi is, hands down, one of the greatest drop zones in the world. The people there are great. You can jump your butt off and make a ton of skydives in 6-7 hours. $5 for a hop-n-pop or $15 to the top. What's not to love? I'm sure the keyboard warriors that have never been there before will line right up and start preaching about how it's unsafe there or that Bill doesn't do any maintenance on his aircraft, yet they've never been there to see the operation themselves. They've never chatted with the full-time maintenance guys in Bill's aircraft hangar. And they've never jumped there to see how jumpers approach safety on the aircraft and in the air. They simply have no idea, but are quick to regurgitate some rumor they heard once upon a time. As for Bill, he is a legend! He has given so much to the sport of skydiving. He has kept skydiving affordable for decades. And believe it or not, he actually hates to see people get hurt, which is why he has a multitude of rules in place that actually make jumping at his DZ far safer than a good majority of other DZs out there. (No turns over 90 degrees, must fly a predictable pattern, long bridles for wingsuits, and much more). Yes, I will admit, when Bill gets mad he can really unleash his anger on some people, but they are usually people that are practically asking for it anyway. Just steer clear of him when he's having a bad day. LOL. But for the most part, if you come to Lodi to skydive hard, you're not an a-hat, you're a safe skydiver, and you follow the basic rules, than you'll get along quite well with Bill. As far as I'm concerned, long live Lodi! I sure hope this FBI stuff is due to a bunch of nothing...
  4. Why is this an incident? I hope your proposal writing abilities are better than your decisions on where to post things.