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  1. Fret not, by then we will be in full Idiocracy-like decline and they'll have the choice to vote for President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. Trump will look like an absolute genius by comparison.
  2. I doubt this could ever be substantiated, but given that 4Chan is claiming that they created it, I'm just a wee bit skeptical of their claiming credit. They are the internet trolls, and by claiming credit (rightly or wrongly) they get to troll the whole world. Just sit back, grab your marshmallows and enjoy watching it all burn.
  3. I don't think so, but I thought that the hatred of Obama was over the top, so my opinion of other people's opinions is nearly as meaningless as your poll.
  4. I like Bernie, but he was a little too hardcore socialist for a lot of people, so while his outsider status would be a plus, he would have been very easily tarred as a "Socialist!!1!" and could have gotten beaten with that. What I'd like to understand is what you believe Obama should have done in the face of a party who refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of his citizenship (let alone the legitimacy of his ascending to the presidency). I'm genuinely curious.
  5. If its so unimportant, then why did you share it? Especially with an analogy so clearly intended to make others want to click on it. I was in pure animal protection outrage mode when I read your description of St. Bernard vivisection. That's not even close - this is some person doing what they wish to their own body. Yawn. Don't care - its their body and their life to live in whatever way they want (provided they don't injure someone else). You don't like clickbait? then quit being part of the cycle.
  6. They were actually debating that, prior to this incident
  7. My concerns about ANY republican president: 1. Corporate welfare, and generally elevating corporations to the same (or higher) status as people (Citizens United and Hobby Lobby being two recent examples of right-wing based supreme court decisions), which also includes destruction of regulatory bodies. 2. Supply-side nonsense (seriously, just look at the economic trainwreck that is the state of KS for a brief overview of how well that voodoo works) 3. Their constant desire to destroy the safety-net (I will never say that the programs cannot be improved, but privatization is not the answer, see my point 1) 4. Don't even get me started on the social issues, but that will always be a bickering point, and I agree it is mainly used to distract us from the money grab that occupies points 1-3. My specific concerns about Trump: 1. Complete lack of foreign policy knowledge 2. Proven lack of self-control or restraint 3. Clear conflicts of interest 4. An attitude towards the "other" (anyone other than straight white male) that I would consider inappropriate in any adult, let alone a president, which has certainly appeared to empower others who used to keep their opinions on the down-low to become more vociferous and even to act out. What do I think will actually HAPPEN? 1. He will have conflicts of interest that enrich himself, his family and his friends and supporters everywhere. 2. We will have more diplomatic crises internationally and will generally be considered more negatively by other world leaders 3. Empowering corporations over people, by gutting regulations that protect us from corporations as well as corporate tax breaks, etc. (In this world, consumer boycotts are rarely effective at reigning in corporate bad behavior) 4. Privatization of education (a well educated citizenry is the bedrock of a successful democracy, and the garlic to the corporate world vampire.), privatization of social security (yes, rather than fix it, lets just all gamble on the stock market, that's always secure.), and voucherization of Medicare. Sorry for the novel, but its a good question that deserved a thoughtful reply.
  8. That was the part that floored me, the mother of the little girl and the grandmother specifically asked that he not be sent to prison. Lock him up, throw away the key, then fill the prison in with cement. No loss.
  9. I also take an anti-gas remedy before the day gets going. I find that it helps mitigate those challenges. Sometimes the excitement destroys my digestive system.
  10. For me, it seems like I can't shut up about it, and people can see how much I love it in the way I speak about it. So even when they say I'm crazy, they can see the way my eyes light up as soon as I even mention it. I just always say that it was a life changing experience for me, and I couldn't imagine going back. Then I ask when they'll give it a go. I'm sure my co-workers are beyond sick of hearing me blather on, but I have a big enough butt for all of them to kiss!
  11. answer the question then. What exactly is Trump going to do to create jobs?
  12. Lots of people have their knickers in a twist over the 2nd amendment. They've been screaming that BHO is coming for their guns for the last 8 years, and so far, not one gun has been taken from even one lunatic, let alone anyone remotely showing anything like responsible gun ownership. It makes lots of money for the NRA and the manufacturers though. And as all know money = speech.
  13. awww, that's so sweet, brings a tear to my eye! Thanks Canada - this American appreciates the sentiment! We don't need to be made great by a charlatan, we are already great, when we choose to act that way.
  14. I am a US A license, and I was told the same thing in both Aus and NZ. Their country, their rules.
  15. Wow, ok, now I see why you aren't having fun with it. Some of that is the screening technique on the front-end. I spend a little more time there so I don't waste my time with men that won't give me what I want.
  16. People definitely have baggage, which is why I'm enjoying the post-divorce "fun's over, time for you to go" stage. How is a no-strings hookup not worthwhile? Its sex, enjoy it for the physical pleasure that it is. And hard to find? Not anywhere I've tried to find it. I think people make things way too complicated around sex though. Sex is a wonderful fun and pleasurable activity on its own merits. My theory is that divorced women and 22-25 yr old men are perfect together. Neither is looking for commitment, just fun. Or maybe that's just me!
  17. I was out of the dating pool for 20 years and holy shit has it changed. I was off facebook for probably 7 years (left after too many incidences of very different "worlds" colliding), and only joined because of skydiving and staying in touch with that crowd. But, after a 20 yr marriage, I am not at all in a rush to find someone else to be shackled to. So I'm kind of enjoying the ease and simplicity of finding someone for fun, and kicking their ass out after the fun is over. I do miss emotional intimacy, but damn is it nice to not have to put up with someone else's bs. Sadly, I think it does impact our skills in relationship building and development, so its going to be difficult to put the genie back in the bottle.
  18. I'm always surprised that there are some people who think that the only morality stems from having an authoritarian sky-based father figure doling out eternal punishment. Are you saying that the only reason you are a decent person is because of the fear of eternal torment in hell? Because the reason I am a decent person is because I respect other people and want to make the world a better place. I don't need my sky-daddy telling me that I'm grounded in order to be good.
  19. I had to repeat level 3 twice, then did the tunnel and passed it. Then repeated level 4 three times, hit the tunnel again and nailed 5, 6, and 7 in one weekend. It happens, hang in there!! As I said then, and still say now: I can barely relax on the ground, let alone at altitude.
  20. Our DZ rule is "firsts". Anything you do for the first time calls for a case of beer. Under advisement, I've started calling my firsts "pre-seconds", lol
  21. When I started AFF, it was all from a Caravan. And I was scared to death of the 182, I was afraid I was going to get blown off. Despite the fact that I was jumping anyway, going out without being "in control" of my leaving the aircraft scared the life out of me. So I mentioned it to my AFF instructor, and she made me do a front float exit on the next Caravan (my dz gets a turbine about once a month or so). I have now done 4 182 jumps (I know its not many, but I'm kinda turbine spoiled) with one diving exit, and the rest climbing out onto the wing strut. What the hell had me so worried?? Just remember, a tiny hop as you let go will help you clear the step. Left foot on the step, both hands holding on, right foot dangling, then you count "up, down, hop" and let go when you hop and arch. I had coaches work with me on the ground on the exit, several times, to try and help me get over my discomfort. Though I do not know if SL vs AFF makes a difference. On Edit: And don't let the wind catch you by surprise. Move with purpose and focus. It will try and grab you. when you first stick your foot out, the way the wind grabbed it made my breath catch in my throat. Just plant your foot, grab the strut and move purposefully. The wind will not move you if you do not let it.
  22. Well the right to privacy does not exist in the Constitution, it was only through the supreme court's interpretation of the 4th amendment (maybe also 5th and 9th), but it was never explicitly stated as a right to privacy.
  23. Never said it wasn't legal. I just think that's one of the reasons he won't release his returns. He's benefiting personally from the existing system, and yet claims to be the one who can change the system. Why would he change anything? The tax code is full of loopholes, and he takes advantage of every single one he can get, and when people find out the kind of loopholes available to him, it will have a negative affect on his campaign. That's pretty much my point.
  24. income from real estate investments is never taxed as highly as "earned income" so my speculation is that its just a matter of what would be revealed as his insanely low tax rates compared to an average citizen. Plus the tax credits he may qualify for could be considered detrimental to hi image. Plus, he's 70, which means he is also likely collecting social security. I know how much that turned my stomach when I saw an income tax return for a client with over $1M in unearned income, and still collecting their social security. I get that its "theirs" and they earned it, but it still feels wrong.