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  1. Hm that's weird. I'm using a 230 sq ft now. I've been doing great on my AFF jumps. The second one I had I flared by myself perfect. If only my skydive was that perfect. My instructor uses a 3 stage flare for us. Level 1 is right around your shoulders. Level 2 is right around waist. Level 3 is all the way. He tells us to evaluate every stage. On that jump I waited for him to tell me to flare. I got a little scared. I started to flare at level 1. Gauged my distance then went to full flare. I had to run out of my landing tho. See if that helps. I flared 2nd time with no assistance, and he was pretty happy with it. Soar like a bird? We need airplanes to do that.
  2. Yes, one instructor is on the very edge of the platform on the wheel and is hanging off the support thing for the wing. I was in the middle and the other instructor was like half inside the plane and half outside. I don't know why but my instructor said I can now go up with the tandems on the sky van. It's not a typical sky van tho. I guess cat A is the only reason. I'm not sure what she ment by that. Who knows maybe I'll get to do the sky van this weekend. Seems easier than climbing out with all the wind and stuff. Soar like a bird? We need airplanes to do that.
  3. I think its cool when the tandems let people who may be interested in the sport try to do things with somebody who is a professional is with them. I know its not related. I did my cat A last Saturday. When I did my tandem a year ago I got to fly the canopy before we landed. It was exactly how I remembered flying when I pulled my own toggles down on my AFF 1 jump. I had more things to do obviously. It helped relive some stress and I had fun flying it. Soar like a bird? We need airplanes to do that.
  4. Edit: Thanks a lot. It I'm going to try and get to cat c next weekend. The canopy is mad fun to fly. I had a great time learning how to turn it. Soar like a bird? We need airplanes to do that.
  5. I did my category A today. What a mess i turned out to be. We get up to altitude. There is a guy who is doing his solo suprvised in my class. We are in a cesna. He jumps out first. I had to move myself to the door. I waited for the first jumpmaster to get out. I put my feet on the ledge and look at my other jumpmaster. She tells me its ok to get out. I got out and got on the strut. I checked in and out. I went up down and then i just froze. I think i somehow went down and up but i said up down first. So i froze before i was about to jump. My jumpaster on my cutaway side tries to pull me off. He some how falls. So i was like oh shit. The other jumpaster falls too. She some how knocked me off the platform. So im by myself on the strut. I decided not to go by myself. I pulled myself back to the platform. The pilot is also a jumpmaster. Reaches his arm out and i grab it and get back in the plane. I just rode back down with the pilot. He gives me an hour or so to relax while other students go up. I go up again. Nailed it. My jumpmasters said it was near perfect arch/exit. I did my practise pulls and pulled by 5,500. The only thing was i landed about a football field away from them. Also i forgot to wave before i pulled. I was taught you should wave. The main thing is to pull at altitude i just forgot. What a great way to end the day. Left the dz feeling really good. After my inital screw up. Soar like a bird? We need airplanes to do that.
  6. Hey guys what's up. I just completed 2 tandems in 2 years. Last year I did my tandem I finally got the courage to do my AFF. I saved all winter, and I will soon be starting my aff jumps this weekend. I took the AFF class 2 weeks ago. I'm hopefully going to do levels 1-4 this weekend. I'm super nervous/excited at the same time. I loved tandems and free fall. I'm nervous about the landing/flying my own parachute. Hopefully all goes will this weekend. I'm jumping out of skydive baltimore. They do AFF there but no solo dives. Once i get my license I will probably make maytown my home dropzone. Since it is much closer. I love the people at skydive baltimore so that's why im doing AFF there. Soar like a bird? We need airplanes to do that.