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  1. It is one week only, on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ParachuteLabs/photos/a.275708273406.144326.252274363406/10154651489113407/?type=3&theater
  2. Actually I was curious on opinions about them. I know what my rigger(s) recommend and racer is not on the list...
  3. Get as many as you can before they sell out....... I do sense the Northern Saracasm
  4. What about the Zulu, versus the other options? While I have not flown a Mamba, Katana or Xfire, I have flown the Zulu and found this to be super fast recovering, great opening canopy. On a related note, rumor has it that there will be a Katana 2 soon and the x-fire 3 has just been officially announced.
  5. Just saw the offer from Parachute labs for BoGo on the racer container. Not sure if I have heard anything or seen any Racer containers... thoughts?
  6. I got one, here are my thoughts: display not as nice as atlas, but good canopy height shown in k feet until you get below 1k (would be better in feet) fast charging no para log integration or other method of extracting logbook/jumps a bit thicker than atlas accurate good price point
  7. 1-16 250 Solo 1.0 17 - 80 230 Sabre 2 1.09 81 - 210 190 Sabre 2 1.36 (gained some weight) (Flight 101, Flight 102) 211 - 272+ (currently) Sabre 1 170 1.53 (Flight 103, Flight 201, Flight 202) soon Sabre 2 170 Total time about 12 month
  8. Can you please share/post your flysight config file you use to track your tracking progress. I tried to do this and I am too dump to get the config right that I get good audio feedback during the track...
  9. Just some food for thought about the fully magnetic gear bag, a friend of mine had a bag lock with a fully magnetic bag. Which is quite contradicting to the discussion here about lack of closing power. Not being an expert, I get the feeling that: If used properly and deployed under normal conditions fully magnetic are just as good as standard bags. Not packed properly or not deployed in standard conditions all bets are off, just as it would be with standard bags.
  10. I have an Atlas, an Optima 2 audilble and a ION. The Optima 2 has crashed on me now several times, which makes me hesitant towards other L&B products. I also prefer the USB charging and logging function. Between the ION and Atlas... the ATLAS is slimmer and feels more mature. The ION is missing the Eco system, but is half the price. Personally I prefer Atlas
  11. At 20 jumps, how are you in group jumps? At that level you should be working on being stable solo or 2-way's. Those jumps should be solo, with a coach or D-license holder. The latter 2 should be qualified enough to match your fall-rate and on jumps advise you on how to modify your rate.
  12. While I can't comment with experience there are some things we (as fun jumpers) need to keep in mind: Most DZ's do not make any money on fun jumpers; tandems finance our jumps Most events are not making a profit for the DZ, they are to entertain the fun jumpers The fun jumper regulars are the heart of a DZ, the DZ is what you make out of it...
  13. Hard to say for anyone not there. My thought is that if you felt comfortable landing it, after you tested it up high, you made the right decision.
  14. I had to do level 3 quite a few times as well... Don't worry about it, because that will then translate into stress and that into tension... relax, relax, relax
  15. It measures at 200ms that is 5 times a second, s; yes you will see the height at which you start your flare. Been in 5 flight 1 courses, in those we ahve done this several times
  16. That is a good thought. I will look into that. Was thinking the opposite, making the loose parts "cut-a-way" friendly; meaning they come of easily if needed to. I will look at the costume when it comes in, might just be saved for halloween.
  17. The openings on a Sabre2 are perfectly fine if you pack it right and have good body position at opening. I would say that if you struggle with Sabre 2 openings at a WL of
  18. Also consider getting a flysight, in addition to the video. A flysight will show you your pattern (that is where often the problem starts) and where you flare exactly (most likely too low or to high).
  19. Finding a rig that holds a 230 is not hard, actually I am selling one right now. While I am guilty of wanting to downsize fast, my motivation is clear to me: I like speed and I want to get to swooping eventually. However I see many that are not interested in swooping and just want to get down safely, but yet they want to downsize. Often to fix issues with the current canopy... Downsizing is never a solution unless your problem is lack of speed, and even then technique can do a lot for you.
  20. I plan on jumping in a flying monkey costume: https://www.amazon.com/Rubies-Costume-Wizard-Anniversary-X-Large/dp/B001N1CHF6/ref=sr_1_7?srs=2599892011&ie=UTF8&qid=1473705280&sr=8-7&keywords=monkey&psc=1 Any safety watch outs/ thoughts from the community?
  21. Thanks all for the feedback. I am doing as many coach jumps as I get. But even better, I asked an AFFI at my DZ about helping me getting ready for AFFI (over the next 10ish month) and she was happy to help. We did a simulated AFF jump (with her as student) and another friend videoed it. Gave me much to learn/ to-do on my flying skills
  22. OK, but what WL are you jumping on? A 170 canopy puts me around a 1.5 WL....
  23. Last weekend I barely made it back under my Sabre 1 170 (despite being on rears the whole time). Even the tandem out after us had no problem. Think I need to look for a used Crossfire or Stiletto 170, maybe a 150 (thought that WL might be too high).
  24. Is there a rumor about KA2 release dates? Also at what WL is a SA2 to KA transition recommended?
  25. I never got any "weird" feelings on a roller coaster, but in Skydiving you do not pull those G's. Especially not as a beginner. Never jumped a 182, I can not comment. You will go over the plan on the ground, just stick to the plan. Again, you will go over the flight pattern on the ground. Stick do it and listen to the radio. It is actually very easy Awesome weight loss! If you have the discipline to do that you can do anything!