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  1. nolhtairt

    Halo Jump near Montana/Idaho/Washington?

    I don't know of any places that offer jumps that high. Your best bet is probably Davis, CA. It's west of Sacramento.
  2. nolhtairt

    US DZ operating Skyvan or Sherpa

    You're so cute.... I think it's 7 now. (but yeah, mostly used for military, and boogies) I just received notification that I'm talking out of my ass. That's 8 skyvans. Don't they lease a few out to other DZs for boogies?
  3. You'd be the ugliest drag queen ever, more than likely.
  4. You're welcome. I've alerted him to your query. If you don't hear from him this week, send me a PM with your email address and I'll forward it to him.
  5. I'm going to ask a friend who is a below knee amputee. Who knows, maybe he will get back on here to help you but its been years since he's been on here. He has had the osseo-integration surgery to have the prosthetic mounting hardware installed.
  6. nolhtairt

    Going to Austin 4/13-4/22

    You could check with Skydive Temple and Skydive San Marcos. Both are a reasonable drive from Austin. Spaceland is a major DZ, its pretty busy. All in all, you've got plenty of choices.
  7. nolhtairt

    How fast did you learn to pack parachute?

    You'll get the hang of it eventually. It takes practice. Ask some experienced jumpers for tips on what worked for them. Preferably your S&TA or instructors first.
  8. nolhtairt

    4 Stack Patch

    I'll give you mine. Just got to root around in my gear bag for it. PM me your name and address
  9. nolhtairt

    Flying flag in freefall

    You're better off attaching it to your leg, away from the canopy lines and risers. Talk to the S&TA at the DZ about it. He/she can recommend something that'll work, safely.
  10. nolhtairt

    Blind John

    Sad to see this. His story telling about some of his blind jumps were top notch. ETA: I might be thinking of the wrong blind skydiver... Dan Rossi was probably the prolific jump story teller... Have to go all the way back to the rec.skydiving newsgroup days though
  11. nolhtairt

    Rome, GA

    The Griffins? They closed down. Don't remember why though. It was called Air Ventures.
  12. nolhtairt

    Night CF with firework

    That's really cool.... but damn... I'm not sure I like the idea of having pyro firing off that close to my canopy, even if its on the outside leg.
  13. nolhtairt

    Borrowed canopy/Thank you gift help

    Well, I would have suggested a few jump tickets at your expense but she isn't jumping any time soon from what your post says. Whatever she is going through now, maybe something relevant?
  14. Well... I guess the good will from 1992's Dive Rite World Record event over Myrtle Beach has evaporated.
  15. nolhtairt

    Griffin 135 Canapy

    If I were you, I'd get a different canopy. The Griffin, as I recall it, is a different kind of square canopy, more like a swept back wing airfoil. Since the company doesn't make any more, you're not going to get customer support for it. Just my humble opinion.