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  1. Ditto for Anonymous Amazon. It's fun to watch someone who hides their identity, complain about other people who hide their identity. I suppose some anonymous people are evil "sock puppets", while other anonymous people are perfectly acceptable (yourself included, of course). See, this is entertainment!
  2. Just a wild guess here, but wouldn't this be better situated in the "Security and Scam Alerts" section?
  3. I come here to watch the chosen elite insult people with impunity, while others get sent to the gulag for nothing.
  4. Duplicate thread with this one: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4726205#4726205
  5. I like watching people and messages inexplicably disappear. And now that I've pointed out publicly that it's happening, stand by to observe this phenomenon occur right here soon! There will soon just be an empty slot where message #14 used to appear. Incidents forum, thread: "UK: Attempted Murder Arrest After Parachute Fails", message #3: A perfectly harmless post asking which slinks were missing and on which parachutes, and including a news story link. Gone! Pardon me for trying to be helpful.