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  1. Hey guys, I just moved to Corpus Christi and would appreciate a little help in locating a good DZ in the area to call my new home. Oh, and I've been spoiled at Lake Elsinore and Perris for the last few years so a turbine aircraft is a big plus. If anyone could give me a good suggestion I'd appreciate it. Please only comment if you've actually jumped there before. Thanks for the help, it's been too long. -J -T1 D-24173
  2. Maybe you should give it back to me so I can sign it and then you sign it and pass it off Shark. We can see how many people it gets too. (Then it would be worthy of the frankenrig...) -T1 C-30757
  3. I told you... I've been itching like crazy for the past day now. It really sucks. I've been looking at my canopy and the video and still can't figure out what happened... Guess the saying fits, "S#$% Happens..." What a weekend though. (First night jumps, 300th jump, first reserve ride, hiking and logging all in one 24 hour period). Doesn't get much better than that. Talk to you guys soon. -T1 -T1 C-30757
  4. Grasshopper, How did I know you'd be doing crazy things. What's up man? I'd love to come and watch this weekend, but I have to work and my rig's in the shop. -T1 C-30757
  5. I jump at Otay in San Diego, although you can find me at Perris and Elsinore as well. I'll be at Perris with Shark for the night jumps on the 9th. -T1 C-30757
  6. Check out, you can get a pretty good quality .5 wide angle lens there for about $40. I have a PC-5 with both the .5 and .42 kenko lenses. They both work great. -T1 C-30757
  7. How about your own personal packers and 2 included rigs of your choice so you can have one packing while you jump the other one... -T1 C-30757
  8. I have the same battery and it died on me this new years. I purchased another battery and it's worked well for me since. I've heard that some of the info-lithium batteries get that way. I get the full time out of the new one. -T1 C-30757
  9. skydyvotie, I have a Sony PC5 side mounted on a bonehead mindwarp and I love it. It's the smallest sony out there and it takes good video. Some people will tell you to get the PC100 because it get's better resolution, but that's only in still photo mode and let's be honest, how often do you use that in freefall? Capturing stills from video the resolutions are the same. If you want quality stills, get a still camera. Like I said, I love my PC5, have shot lots of RW, tandems and freefly with it, all with good results. Hope this helps you out. -T1 C-30757
  10. Just put slinks on my main and I love them. -T1 C-30757
  11. Why don't you try tying a bed sheet to each foot. You would be pretty much guaranteed to go head down. -T1 C-30757
  12. BarrettJ99


    Hey cloud9, Generally the risers come with the container not the canopy so I would venture to guess that you should talk to reflex about it. I would say that you should speak with your rigger about these concerns, he or she will be better able to answer your questions than we do. Good luck in your search. -T1 C-30757
  13. Well, it's about time you began to post here Gia... welcome aboard. -T1 C-30757
  14. I think they use the patented hockey stick attack method, but I'm not sure... I think that's classified or something. -T1 C-30757
  15. BarrettJ99

    I know

    Zennie, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question, not the truth... And remember, "the only true knowledge is knowing that we know nothing..." -T1 C-30757