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  1. Thank you Terry! I only remember meeting Jim Plummer, alternate for the Rainbow Flyers, but was only 8 when dad died. I found a huge framed photo in dad's things of the Beech Nuts, signed by all of them. Unfortunately there was no Year on the photo so I have no idea when it was taken. Talking to Don or Sam would be amazing. I have box full of medals that just say Relative Work Team Champions and a year, but no clue as to where or anything else. Plus, going through dad's jump logs they were in Germany (which I knew-medal + belt buckles), South Africa and there's a stamp from para-rescue training in Antarctica. But I have no tracks to find out more. Thank you for responding to me Terry, I PM'd you my contact info and can only hope it will lead to more information and people in my dad's past. My journey continues...
  2. While I am not yet a skydiver, my father Ken Coleman most definitely was. My memories as a child are of drop zones, skydivers, formations and lots of parachutes. Names and faces of Mike Michigan, Dick Byrd, Fred Sands, Rocky Evans and numerous others are a huge part of those memories. Now, I am trying to find out more about my father and his skydiving history, beyond the obvious like AFF. I am looking for people I knew back then and information to help piece together my dad's skydiving history. As I am going through all his things there signed photos from the Beech Nuts and Rainbow Flyers, numerous medals, AFF training videos and all of his dive logs that I am entering electronically to track dad's history. If you can help me piece more information into the puzzle, please write back.