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  1. Hi Tom, I met you when you came over and I was the one that did your docs. I am very sorry that you didn't get to jump. Unfortunately you arrived on the last opening of the season and that meant we had to get all the outstanding tandems done or they would be stuck waiting until next year. As a result it was also our busiest week of the year so yes it was difficult, we had all the last bookings from Jersey to get through and then had to go to Guernsey to finish off those too. We would have very much liked to have got you jumping and we do our best each time to do so, we are a small club with limited resources and time and need the tandems to come or there is no jumping for anyone. We have a lot of factors working against us - with a busy ATC in class A controlled airspace, the tide, the weather and so sometimes its not possible to get everything done and for what it is worth the fact that you didn't get to jump and that you had left disappointed was discussed with the CCI and noted long before i read your post. If you do find yourself it Jersey again I would be happy to buy you a ticket (with rig hire!) and even come for a jump with you if i am not busy with tandem vids. It probably doesn't help now but I hope that does go some way to temper your obvious fustration. Alun.
  2. In Jersey, UK. Starts Sunday. Some travel places avaialable with Aircraft (pac from Hinton) and Airvan (from Netheravon).
  3. i have one of those but find it heavy and was thinking of moving to a sigma 14mm.
  4. say hi to juicy lucy when you get there from the guys in Jersey!
  5. I am very pleased to announce that a recent meeting of the BPA that Skydive Jersey has been formally affiliated as a member of the BPA and that a part time, but regular drop zone will be operating on the Island with a Cessna 206 from the beginning of July. We are still planning on holding a number of special events throughout the year (next one in September) when we will get a turbine and helicopter out for a bit of a play. Please check out the website for more info. Blue skies, Alun. Blue skies, Alun
  6. I find this whole thread a little sicofantic (sp?). A man was distressed enough to take his own life. That is surely of more concern than a perceived image of the sport. This is after all ONLY A SPORT. I can't believe people are writting and calling the guy selfish for taking his own life in their playground. If I ever felt depressed enough to end my own life you can better believe that the opinion of a few wuffos on whether skydivers are nuts or not would rank pretty low down on my list of priorities. It doesn't rank anywhere near the value of a life. Get of the high horse people.
  7. Not all cpc's have a window tho!
  8. Icarus has a view on the subject here....
  9. We will be using Adobe Premier for editing and Adobe Encore for menus. The pre intro speel, end 'how about doing AFF' and Menus are pre rendered in Encore so we just have to inser the premier part in the middle. We came to the conclusion that the extra time is worth the effort. The DVD is what they will show to their friends and family and we want it to be an advert for what we do.
  10. The beach we use is 5km wide and 1.5km from landing zone to the sea at low tides. All our jump runs are along the beach and we avoid putting anyone out over the sea, we are also very cautious on spot if we have an off shore breeze. I am happy with that side of things what I require is a proven procedure in the event that a tandem lands in the sea.
  11. Dear Sir, We are currently being faced with the possibility of loosing our tandem operation due to local authority concerns on potential drowning as the result of a tandem landing in water. Is there an agreed procedure for a tandem water landing and has it been tested? I would also be grateful if you could let me know of any incidents where tandems landed in water and what the result was. Any information or personal experiences you have on the subject would be gratefully recieved. Please email me directly [email protected] if you have something that might be of use or know if this has ever happened.
  12. Come to Jersey. Beginning of May. Liberation Boogie II. Beach jumps every time.
  13. Ah well. Will be getting in to LAX at 18:20 on the 11th. Anyone wants a few lift tickets please email me very soon. Ta - Al.
  14. That's good to know... anyone that's going from LA would be more than welcome to a few jump tickets for their trouble.....bribe bribe... FF29 - Do you know how much the flying comes in at? There are 2 of us. Presume we're paying for an hour's air time.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know the easiest way to get to Perris from LAX for a poor empoverished skydiver with no car? Ta - Al.