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  1. Yes but if the per capita knife murder/manslaughter rate is equal then then knife homicides can be canceled between the countries meaning that if guns were removed along with the gun culture then the per capita homicide rate would equal the UKs. The other benefit of banning all guns and realistic imitations is that If a MOP sees someone on the street with a gun (which in a city the use is only to kill, in self defence or otherwise) they can be swiftly delt with aggressively to lower the risk to all involved.
  2. According to the consultation the planning permission should be in by mid to late July (2015) with a view to completion by early 2017
  3. caa rules (in particular the air navigation order) says that all intentional parachute decents must use 2 parachutes) - so in the uk 1 chute jumps are illigal without written caa permisison caa = civil aviation authority
  4. Third Party Liability is insurance that pays if you damage someone/something else. I.e landing on someones car or neck, it would pay to cover their repairs or healthcare. So USPA wont cover in spain but it can be bought privately.
  5. I got "you licked your feet" - I'll post the video later it's rather amusing. Also I think I may do the odd jump to stay current and save for AFF. At least I stay in the sky.
  6. What about getting it caught in a burble though?
  7. ok begginers question here. In the bpa ops manual it says that students should begin with ripcord mains. How do they work compared to throwouts and what are the advantages/disadvantages.
  8. So, still at school, 16 and desperate to get qualified. Have done 2 SL jumps at nethers but struggled with the sit exits due to the wind and sensory overload. I can afford perhaps 2/3 jumps a month. I am also fairly sevely dispraxic. This affects motor planning (read fast coordination), hypersensitive and streanth. However i am fairly good in the tunnel to the point of flying with another person. so the question is do i carry on doing RAPS or save £1000 and do AFF with the (i think) dive exits ps not been able to talk to instructors as i haven't been back to the dz yet