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  1. Big screen TV is great on those typical Northwest afternoons, and they really can put out the loads on those days when the weather is good. You can get tickets cheaper if you buy 10 at a time and they are good forever. The riggers are very helpful and have a great deal of experience. Good load organizers and lots of jumping "styles" to chose from (RW, Sit, VRW, CRW, Pond Swoops, etc.) and a horde of video people to record your every jump if you want. They are really good at drinking beer, but don't even try to bring Bud or Coors or any other "supermarket beer" if you owe a case. The staff and jumpers there will send you back to the store with your tail between your legs. High Quality Micro-brews only.
  2. Perhaps I just did not wait long enough to see my items posted. I went on vacation for a few days and now I see my mains in the Auction. I put up two Triathlon 135s in nearly new condition. No bids yet though... Thanks, Ted
  3. I posted one of my main canopies up for auction, but I don't see it listed in the auctions. When I access "my auctions" I see it there, but I can't find it under the category I placed it as if I were looking for an item to bid on. Am I supposed to bid on my own item as I am the only person who knows it is up for sale?