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  1. It's been a great year at Skydive Spaceland Atlanta, and we're celebrating it with a Fall Festival/SKYVAN BOOGIE!!! Mark your calendars for tons of freefalling fun Nov. 18-20, supported by both the Spaceland Super Otter and the Super Skyvan with NO registration fee! More reasons to go! $25 jumps all weekend Belly organizing/coaching with the one-and-only Scott Latinis DZ BBQ Friday night Food by Knuckleheads Bar and Grill for lunch and dinner Saturday Music Saturday night LaserTag all weekend Magic show with Howie the Great Hope you can join us for some awesome fall fun before the holiday season kicks off!
  2. It's almost our first birthday, so it's time to celebrate! We've got some great organizers and fun lined up--oh, and did we mention the $20 jumps (reg. $25) with no registration fee? Here's the scoop! * Freefly/angle organizing: Jay Veenendaal, Lead Instructor of Tunnel-Rats, IBA Level 3 Trainer, USPA Coach/Tandem/ * Belly RW organizing: Chuck Akers, Spaceland-Houston chief organizer and USPA Gulf Region Director * Aircraft: Super Twin Otter * Performance Designs Demo Tour: Come try out that new wing you've been drooling over!! We've had a great time jumping with you all in the Atlanta area, and we want to say thanks and hang out with you more! Let's boogie! Here's a little more about our awesome organizers. You know you want to fly with these guys! Jay Veeenendaal * Lead Instuctor of Tunnel-Rats * Former Assistant Manager & Chief Instructor of Skydive Spaceland-Houston * IBA Expert Pro Freeflyer/Level 3 Trainer at iFLY Houston * USPA Coach/Tandem/AFFI/Pro/S&TA * USPA/UPT Tandem Instructor Examiner * USPA Coach/AFF Evaluator for * High Performance Canopy Pilot * 7500+ skydives * 72 Way Head Up World Record * 2006 Discovery Channel High Altitude Jumps Jay started skydiving at the age of 16, and he has traveled all over the U.S. skydiving, finally arriving in Houston in 2010 to start working at Skydive Spaceland full time. Although he's now an IBA level 3 trainer at iFly Houston, Jay continues to work at Skydive Spaceland to help close the gap between tunnel and sky. Chuck Akers * 31 years in skydiving * 6500 jumps * Retired AFF, TDM, S/L Instructor, former DZO * Chief LO at SPX Houston * USPA Gulf Region Director * Team Leader, 2016 US Parachute Team of Formation Skydiving The focus of Chuck-ways is on making fun, safe skydives engineered to challenge the skills of each jumper while maximizing overall group performance.