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  1. Rookie question. What is inside/outside video?
  2. Thanks guys. I'll definitely make this part of my safety check:)
  3. BobxMarley - "it's a great community and a great sport" I've only being talking with everyone for a short time and everyone has been extremely helpful and kind. I'm sure that even if I don't do a lot of jumping I'll still have a blast being a part of the community. Glideangle - Some of the worst videos I have seen happened after they pulled the cord. Willi91 - Yes sir. I think when you do anything long enough you lose the fear of it and in turn your become a bit arrogant. That's why every year before riding season I spend sometime watching bike crashes. I find, at least for me, that it puts a little fear back. Just enough to keep me humble:) John - Good stuff. I have to tell you that the advice about the plane ride up will be the hardest for me. For some reason that is the most nerve racking for me. I'll definitely try to remember everything you said and get in the habit of doing these. Thanks John. Johnny- Will do buddy:) I'm always weary of the internet. That's why I was hoping to get advice from a bunch of people. Usually when you do that you can see pattern emerge, just like here:) All great stuff, but the important stuff is be repeated and that's what I need to drill it into my head.
  4. Thanks everyone. Silly question, but I just thought that if a hard opening could snap your neck what else could get hurt. Glad to hear there are no horror stories regarding that.
  5. Sorry for the title. Just seems the easy one for searches. This is probably a stupid newbie question, but I'm doing research to get ready for my AFF and came across hard openings. I keep reading things like neck break, knocked out, and life ending. However, the only thing I can think about are the groin straps and if that's a concern. I guess it's a guy thing, but do any of you wear cups or is this not a factor?
  6. I'm there :) I'll bring the coconut mugs for you buddy.
  7. NWFlyer - That's what I thought. Good to hear there are different jump levels going. I would like to go and check it out even if I couldn't jump that weekend, but good to know that A licenses are welcome. countzero - One thing I wondered during my tandem is how the canopy still had lift when we started spinning. The instructor told my to pull the right cord all the way and we started something like a flat spin. I know it was to get down faster, but I kept thinking the the canopy would collapse. (sorry if I'm not using the terminology) Monkycndo - princess-pop? what is that wine coolers? Sansuit - I come across that BS all the time. I don't let it phase me. By the way I think I'm a natural at this that has a better feel for it then you do:)
  8. Thanks Hillson I will remember that. Amazon: Heck I'll go to that in a heartbeat. I'm not sure how long it usually takes to get an A license, but can I jump here if I get it in time? I saw a 16 or 32 way jump. Do I need a D license for that?
  9. Looks like I got a grand left over for the beer monkycndo was suggesting:)
  10. Skyjumpenfool - No problems there buddy. My first tandem was terror on the way up and nothing but smiles on the way down:) Tred - I got a good amount saved up for gear. I'm hoping 8k will cover the AFF, A license, Rig, jumpsuit, helmet and altimeter. Anything beyond that and I'm going to have to go Point Break style. Wendy - Thanks. I'm going to try to not get too caught up with my first solo. I'm fine with tandems I just don't know if that will translate over to solo diving. Amazon: You cheeky bugger:) I'll have you know sir that I use Final Cut Pro X and all the footage I left in my last video was too "prove" I didn't break any traffic laws. Some people were going pretty fast and running red lights. Not saying that was me. It's a work in progress though. I'm getting better little by little:) Dthames: Will do. I got the hyperlink on my desktop and I'm going through it little by little.
  11. Thanks a bunch everyone. - One thing that saved me a bunch of money already was the "buy used gear first" tip. That along with Highradwarrior informing me that I can't use a full face helmet for AFF stopped me from making a couple big mistakes. I planned on getting some gear first, but it would have been wasted money. - +1 on the video. I went all out my first jump. Paid for a video and helicopter. It was a blast. It was funny because 1: I felt like an idiot doing the pre jump interview and 2: I was nervous and my one foot would not move. I actually had to pull it out on to the skid. lol. - I definitely plan on buying a case of brew for everyone when I finish my AFF. I'll be sure to ask who knows the rigger before hand:) - Freeflying tip is great. I will admit I think about trying the helicopter (if that's what it's called) all the time. You're right about learning the foundation first. - I'll be sure to ask a tons of questions. Also, be sure to learn and love my gear. Thanks again everyone. Hopefully this thread will help other new guys and maybe in the future I will be proficient enough to add to the wisdom:)
  12. Hey everyone, One of the hardest things I find when ever I start anything new is asking the right questions. I'm a couple weeks away before I start my AFF (waiting on funds) and I was hoping to get some tips from the pro's, but I don't know what to ask. I figured It would be helpful if the experts could give some guidance on the things they wish they knew/asked when they started.
  13. Thanks skymama! Don't you mean ARCH, relax, and pull. :) Just kidding. No I didn't see that tab, but I will check it out. Thanks for the help.
  14. Hey everyone! Looking to take my AFF this summer. Probably start on my birthday, which is May 26th. I have only done a couple tandems, so I am very new. I hope to learn a lot from all you veterans. If anyone is near Philly and jumping next month let me know. Would love to get some advice on local dropzones.