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  1. If money is an object, and you are going to jump at Teuge anyway, why not do staticline instead of AFF? At Teuge you only pay for the first jump course, after you are considered proficient at staticline (SL jumps are from 3.5000ft) you open your parachute yourself (at 5.000ft), after that you get to jump from 7.000 ft, 9.000ft and then 12.000 ft. All of these jumps you only have to pay your own slot + equipment rental, as here is no instructor juming with you/you have to pay for. So by the time you've spend as much as the AFF course costs you'll have many more jumps than 7 (25ish?) and are well on your way to your A license. Hi there, Sorry if i got it wrong, but are you saying I can do the SL course and then jump off on my own to work towards my A license? Very roughly, how much would it cost if I did a SL course then jumped until i got my A license at your dropzone?
  2. Thanks for all your advice everyone. I've decided to doy AFF in Teuge and see if i can work towards getting my A license. If I can't, then I probably will just take these 7 jumps as an experience off my bucket list, since there aren't many dropzones near my country anyway.
  3. Are there places in Singapore where you can jump, or will you have to always travel to jump? If you will always have to travel to jump, the nearest or best place to travel to might also be the place to do your training. That way they would know you when you returned with more money to burn. In singapore there is one company that offers skydiving, but I'd have to take a flight to thailand or a bus to malaysia. Also, the AFF course here costs roughly twice what I'd pay for in holland and most of europe.
  4. very silly of me, i just realised today that I've been e-mailing Paracentrum Teuge, not Paracentrum Texel. They said that it takes about 50 jumps in Holland to get an A license, and I don't have enough money to do so though. :(
  5. For normal skydives, after I get a license it would be much cheaper than what a jump would cost during my AFF right? And I'll be able to jump on my own without instructors?
  6. Forgot to add, I'm from Singapore where the opportunities to jump wouldn't be very much. Just want to try this sport and maybe get licensed enough to jump in other countries on my own - which I've gathered means getting an A license.
  7. I've been thinking of getting an AFF license for a few months now, and have finally decided on a dropzone in Amsterdam - Paracentrum Texel. Now that I've decided, I'd like to ask what I can do after AFF? If i want to get an A license, must I complete the rest of my jumps there? Or can I do so in dropzones elsewhere? I've tried searching for info online but there are so many different associations governing the sport that it gets quite confusing.
  8. I don't mind elsewhere in europe as I might go early and make my way up to sweden. Would 2 weeks be enough to get an A license usually? And has anyone faced language issues? I know english isn't a first language for many people in europe so I'm afraid language might be a problem. Thanks for all your great help!
  9. Hi all, I'm a student from Singapore, going to Lulea in sweden for exchange this year in july. I know that getting a skydiving license isn't cheap, but are there are any good dropzones in europe or sweden that anyone can recommend, preferably cheap? Any advice would be good. I've