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  1. Paul Bliss was in a serious motorcycle accident saturday morning on his way to the CRWDawg event in Lake Wales. He is currently at Shands hospital in Jacksonville undergoing surgery as we speak. He has 2 fractured vertebrae and one that is crushed. This crushed vertebrae is the one that has caused a bone fragment to lode itself into the spinal cord area which is causing paralysis from the chest down. Other than that his arms, legs and ribs are not broken and he has no head injuries. He went into surgery at 9:00 AM and could be up to 8 hours on the table until they are done. They are going to take all the mess out and do a fusion on his spine. We wont know anything more until after surgery sometime this afternoon or tonight. If everything goes well he be in a brace and will be there at least 4-5 days after which the docs are talking about moving him to somewhere back home in Tallahassee for rehab. The docs seem real positive about it all. So lets keep him in our prayers and hope everything works out for the best. -- Ed "Sped" Hauck D12662 (Inactive) (Remove NO_SPAM_MAIL from email address to reply directly.) [email protected]_SPAM_MAILyahoo.com Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
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    So how many people hanging out here frequent X Keys? "Sped" D-12662 BPP-13 (Buckwheat's Party Patrol)
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    I dont think there is much that will make me blush! Besides I dont go for politics too much!! "Sped" D-12662 BPP-13 (Buckwheat's Party Patrol)
  4. Palatka gets my vote! That is the dropzone where you have the most fun! The folks are the greatest! The Party Patrol is on the job there for sure. I not been to a boogie anywhere else except Palatka 1 4 years until I moved up north. I sure miss it "Sped" D-12662
  5. You know you are a Skydiver when... You wear your pager clipped to side of your glasses "Sped" D-12662
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    Cool dude! I just "dropped" in myself. Beer? I jump over on the east coast at Cross Keys. I have been jumping for 14 years and haven't quit yet. Slowed down a couple times. One word of warning though. You will be tripping over things the rest of your days because you will looking up at that blue playground. Beer? Got one right here in a frosty mug! ...... Ummmmm good stuff! "Sped" D-12662