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  1. Im looking for some pictures of Jim Perry's Helio Stallion that he had back in the late 80's that crashed in Perris? I believe the Tail number on the aircraft was N9991F. Thanks in advance Ed Hauck D-12662
  2. Panama City Beach. 4th of July weekend about 16 years ago and we had the DZ spending the weekend on the beach and a few travelers too. We had hired a Caravan for the weekend and my buddy and I had our "traveling tandem business" and doing Tandems on the beach. at the end of the day on saturday we went up to do a 12 way. Everyone on this jump was every weekend current, jumped together for around 15 years and no one had less than 400 jumps. we were about 500 yards off the beach on the perfect spot. Exit went fine. We were a little late putting the first point together then broke for the second point and completed that. I saw a guy all the way across the formation turn and and track. Im thinking "oh ok! Break off" as I slide out and turn I look at my altimeter and see us going through 2500 feet!! I was facing out to sea during the whole dive so depth perception was non-existent. The horizon and ocean just blended together as it was a cloudy misty day. I turned and tracked like hell and as soon as I turned Condominiums were so big I shit my pants! I could see peoples faces on the patio by the pool looking up at us! I dumped in a full tilt track at 1600' and had my hands by my handles at line stretch. Now I had packed my gear for a video jump and was getting ready to chop it when it opened. I was open 1200 feet. There were 3 people below me and we had 3 land in the water. all high experianced jumpers half of us AFF instructors. We almost killed 12 people in front of family, friends, and wuffos because of losing track of time and altitude. The only thing that saved anyone was Big Al decided to wear his frappe hat because it was chilly. And it had his dytter in it set for 2500 feet. we quit jumping and bagged it for the day with 4 hours of daylight left. I have a good habit of glancing at my altimeter but also others in the formation as the dive progresses. No one panicked and started pitching in place but we were dumping with some of us within 20' of each other. Anyone that says "Oh thats pretty effin stupid that wouldnt happen to me" Trust me it can. 12 highly experianced skydivers will agree how stupid it is. and they will tell "Yes it can happen to you in the blink of an eye!!! I still get chills when I think about it. Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  3. My Glidepath Fury 220. 400 foot or less opening soft smooth and on heading EVERY time. For a camera jump, 15 lbs back then, I'd roll the nose, flat pack it, (Yeah Im one of those) and had a 36" F111 pilot chute. The older my PC got the smoother the openings. I had no problems pitching at 2000 at all. I wish someone made a ZP fury. The closest i came was an Omega with almost 1000' snivels. I put a 159 slider on my 169 and solved that problem. It brought it back to 500' smooth openings. I dont freefly at so I dont need 10 second snivels Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  4. I have know of someone holding on to the door rear floating on a DC-3 that got a loose rivet under their ring, and while wearing gloves no less, Let go and left a neat little gray pouch with a finger hanging on the AC. My dad told me of a guy in the army who had all the meat stripped of his finger. I remove all rings, jewlery, necklaces, and leave them at home. It would piss the Ex-off to no end when going to a boogie and I would leave my ring and necklace in the box. and i always wear gloves no matter what
  5. I would prefer my reserve over a well loaded Stiletto. but with no AAD I'll take what I can get. whats the old saying? "Something is better than nothing" Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  6. I bring along a few bucks and look for the liquor store to land at. A bunch of skydivers will be along in a few minutes. Actually I have packed up my rig walked to the road and flagged someone down. Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  7. What is a good rule of thumb for determining the per jump depreciation on equipment? Specifally Zero-P main, and Harness and container? Trying to work out something on gear and curious if there is such a way to determine this. Thanks! Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  8. Just a little background. I guess I should have laid it all out in my first post. I grew up around jumping all my life. My father was in on developing Special Forces HALO freefall techniques from the get go. Its always been a dream of mine to freefall. I was 13 years old and had 2 Grand Mal seizures. During the time period between 13 and 27 my EEG (brainwave) exams got progressively better to the point where no burst (seizure) activity was occuring at all. After consulting with my doc I jumped for 16 years no issues at all, no meds, no indications of seizure activity, nothing. And then Sept. 13, 2001 I had another Gran Mal seizure while riding to work with a friend. I was immediatly grounded from not only jumping but also from driving. They put me back on meds and I am driving again but not jumping. All 3 seizures I have had were accompanied by a major ear infection of my left ear. I was hoping this was the case with the last one and it was a fluke but it is not to be. I gave myself several years to see how it would pan out, but no joy. My jumping again is now out of the question as of yesterdays EEG results. Seizure activity has reared its ugly head once again. I was hoping this last seizure was a one off deal and I could start doing CRW, at least until I got my Gold Wings. There is no way I would jump with active seizures, cypres or not, but I wont judge anyone based on my experiances. The DZ I started jumping at was fully aware of my history and they had enough faith in me and what my doctor had to say to let me start. (Thanks everyone. You know who you are!) Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  9. just curious if anyone is anyone skydiving with a seizure disorder of any sort? post here or email me at [email protected] or grab me on AIM screenname "theedman10" Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  10. The (Inactive) is because I was grounded by an epileptic seizure in september 2001. Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  11. Spoke with Paul tonight he was doing well and moving right along. I will only be calling him every few days now that he is doing better. I wont be posting as much in the coming days unless something drastically changes. Thanks for putting up with me gang and I'll be dropping back in from time to time. Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  12. Paul is doing fine this evening. Didnt have much time on the phone as the doc was coming in to check him out. He did get to talk to Terry and my 2 girls which was good for everyone. I have contact info for Paul for anyone who wants to send something to him. I apologize for not gettig some contact info out until now but we wanted to wait until he was settled in back in Tallahassee before giving up and address. That way stuff wouldnt be chasing him around the state. This is his business address and as it not very far from the rehab center it will provide a central place to mail to, also it will keep his personal address off the internet. To: Paul Bliss Bliss Pool & Spa Designs, inc. 1716 Thomasville Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32303 Several people will be checking the mail there. Until later everyone Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  13. Jeff I always make it to the DZ whenever I get to town. It just somehow dont feel like being home unless I get out there and see Cindy and the gang. My old racer is still around?!?! Man ya making me feel old again!! Who knows what will happen next time I show up, anything is possible! Later Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]
  14. Got a call from jim this afternoon from his car on I-10 following the ambulance carrying Paul to the rehab center in Tallahassee. I will have contact info, addresses, etc. tomorrow night as soon he gets settled in as and I get a call from them with the information. He will be doing some pretty heavy duty rehab during the daytime hours and as soon as he gets this laptop of mine he will be on the web in the evenings for a little while each night. I dont have access to his home PC from NJ so I am setting him up from scratch. Anyone who wants me to add them to the address book I am putting together for him, send me an email with your name and anything you want to say to Paul and I will add the info and the emails to it. Ed "Sped" Hauck D-12662 [email protected]