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  1. Once again, cute little sayings overshadow an important issue. I find myself losing focus on the topic and my mind wanders to a silly Top Gun reference or Crab Shack joke. If you want to be taken seriously, write that way. I keep reading your stuff, hoping there will be a good one, but...
  2. I haven't heard anything else about this in a year! Does anyone know the story behind this story? Was it cancelled?
  3. Miss O'Neil, I stopped reading your articles for a while because quite frankly, I find them exhausting. You are far too concerned with making the article "cute" rather than providing quality information. The silly little phrases that you write make it hard to comprehend what it is you are trying to say, and it often gives me the impression that you are speaking beyond your expertise and trying to hide that with "fluff." I see that you are now submitting to Parachutist as well. I have yet to read anything you have put in the magazine, because you keep burning me on DZ with articles like this. The way you wrote this article will make it very hard for a student to understand what you are trying to say. I feel that you are wanting to educate the jumping community these articles. An educator should be clear and informative, not a "Carrot-Top" stage show. If you are going to put this out here for AFF students, A-License prospects and licensed skydivers to read, YOU have a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY to do better. Either cover the topic accurately and in full or please stop and stick to topics that you are qualified to cover.
  4. I would like to bump this thread. Hopefully I don't get black listed. I have tried to make contact with 7 people regarding rigs. 7 PEOPLE! 1 response. Some of my responses were fairly quick to the posting. I don't understand what's going on. I have been in many online communities and never seen one that responds this poorly. It has been over a week on the majority of my requests. The skydivers I have met in my short time jumping have been awesome. I just wish the classified sellers were as cool. Don't post if you aren't willing to respond!