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  1. I'm 6'3" and was 275 when I started jumping(250 now), all 21 jumps so far have been on a Nav 260. The student Javelin I use barely fits but it works(I'm all torso height which makes it harder). My landings still aren't great but I'm doing just fine. AFF wasn't easy but my coaches and I worked through it safely. I'm fast in free fall but have learned to slow down to allow my coach who weighs half what I do to keep up(tunnel training was essential for me). If you have some gear he can fly safely to start out give him a chance, if he likes the sport he can find gear better suited to him.
  2. I'm fairly new at this but my suggestion is to ask around, call a few DZ's etc and talk with them about your plans/goals etc. I think just doing this will help a lot as you can gauge somewhat what the DZ and people there might be like before you go. Worked for me. BTW, it was only 109 today in AZ , we were doing sunrise jumps to avoid the major heat. Plus watching the sun crest over the mountains while at 12,000ft and on free fall was amazing!!
  3. I have 12 jumps so far, I still get nervous on the way up of my 1st jump of the day. Once that door opens though all that goes away, it will for you too.
  4. I tried it for the 1st time last year in Chicago, I've never been much of a root beer person but man that's good stuff! My favorite of the moment has to be Fireball though.
  5. Welcome Doug! Yeah its not a cheap hobby, but there is nothing like it. I have 10 jumps with SDPHX so far. I'm in Glendale but even if I can't carpool I'm still looking for jump buddies to go with! Best tips I can offer thus far is listen to your instructors, get in a few mins in the tunnel in Eloy, and have fun!!
  6. Welcome! I'll send you a PM with specifics but its been an enjoyable experience with SDPHX. I'm headed down tomorrow for a couple coach jumps, I'm completely hooked! I now find myself getting antsy on weekends I don't jump, just can't get enough and need more money so I can jump more, its a hell of a rush.
  7. Eloy does not list prices for experienced jumpers that I see, just the beginner package. 10mins in the tunnel cost me $137.50 and the coach is $50 for that period 2 weeks ago when I was there last. I would call them to make sure but they will likely let you run without a coach.
  8. I went straight into AFF. I was willing to do a tandem but at 6' 3" and 265lbs tandem isn't an option for me.
  9. Yeah, its a tight fit in a little Cessna. Being the heaviest I sit up from but my legs are usually sandwiched in on my instructors and I've had a couple sleepy legs when climbing out, its hard to plant your feet on the peg when they have no feeling!! It was friggin tough on jump #2 going out with 2 instructors, frankly I'm surprised my left side instructor held on at all. Because of it on level 3 I went out with my main instructor holding on and my left side came out after and docked once we stabilized. Now I'm solo and it just works so much better.
  10. Yes, that is the plane I was in. We are sitting in the plane in the position where our butts are sitting on our feet (really uncomfortable), and due to my height/weight I am the first to jump. I have to stick my left arm and foot out, hand on the wing support, and foot in the step, and then I am suppose to stick my butt out awkwardly at an angle and go. It is hard to actually do this though due to the size of the frame, and the door at the top. With my height I am really squished and can't really do it properly. I believe most people either would jump right out, or jump out facing backwards, however as we are in training we are doing this way. I feel like how I released from the plane made the wind catch me on my right side first pulling me into a short spin before the static line pulled the chute. I just feel like the way I am going out doesn't work at all for me. Gotcha, talk to your instructors as it may not work for the early AFF jumps but a diving(rear facing) exit may be a better option. I do level 6 next and will be doing a diving exit, did a few practices on the ground, the concept is a bit intimidating but sounds like it may work better. Here's my level 5 from the 182 today: Not the best exit as you can see it's a tight fit for me also.
  11. I'm 6' 3" and have similar issues. You were on a Cessna 182 correct? It's not easy getting out on the peg under the wing, you need to stay in a crouched position but not so low you can't push off with your leg. Basically crouched, knees slightly bent but keep your ass up. As you release push out away from the plane, no need to push back and definitely not up into the door where you could catch your container.
  12. Yeah, it was a lack of arch and made worse by bringing my knees down even more so when reaching for my ripcord. My next jump my arch improved dramatically and thus went much smoother. Jump #4 was going great until I went head down as I pulled my cord, I still have bruises on the inside of my thighs from that. Then I came in a bit too fast on my landing and couldn't do my PLF and landed on my ass bruising my tailbone. Good thing I guess is pain is a good teacher, won't be making those mistakes again. Thanks for the welcome, yes I'm jumping in Maricopa, much closer to Phoenix and so far everyone is great there. I've been to Eloy once already for 10mins in the tunnel, its a beautiful facility. Going again next weekend for 15mins in the tunnel and once I complete AFF I will be doing some jumps there as well.
  13. I'm 6'4", 265lbs, and just completed my 1st 10mins in the tunnel in Eloy today. Had no problem flying at all and they never had to turn it up at all. As soon as I learned to make myself bigger I thought I was going to fly out through the roof. As folks have said, it's all in how you fly! Damn good fun today, learned a ton and feel better about my next AFF jumps tomorrow. Can't wait to go again!
  14. Gotcha, yeah it was a rodeo for sure.
  15. Well, jump #2 didn't go well. Free fall was rough to say the least, we got out of shape early and my secondary instructor being at a sizable weight disadvantage had to let go early. My posture and general body control did't help as I was never able to settle down. I plan on some tunnel time next weekend before jump #3 as I need work in this area. I have my procedures down well and canopy flight is great and my landing though it wasn't on my feet was improved. Lots and lots of improving to go and to learn. Constructive criticism welcome.
  16. ^Thanks, jumps #2 and #3 tomorrow, it will be hot but the winds will be far less at least, just have to make sure to stay well hydrated.
  17. Thanks, it should be more fun now if the weather proves to be better this time. I'm jumping with Skydive Phoenix in Maricopa. Having never jumped before it was a guessing game on who to go with but so far its been a good experience.
  18. Hey folks, name's Ben. Just found the forum here last week. Completed my first jump a week ago after signing up for an AFF program here in Arizona. Absolutely amazing experience so far though I couldn't enjoy my 1st jump that much as the winds were border line too high. I made a number of the rookie mistakes but made it down to the DZ safely so I take it as a win! I hope to make a habit of this and start jumping in places around the world when I travel as I love getting out and visiting new places. Jumps #2 and #3 coming up this Sunday. Anyone else in the area ever want to get together for a jump hit me up, would love to have some folks to go with on a regular basis. My instructors word will come first but tips are welcome!