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  1. Was filming a pretty normal tandem jump and after watching the opening I flipped back over and dumped. I had a toggle fire on my crossfire that produced twists and a flat spin on my back. I was loosing altitude quickly while staring at the sky so I decided to chop. The reserve opened quickly and quite softly. It had great flare and was easy to time. Stood up the landing. I will no worries if I have to use it again. Its a great reserve!
  2. Airsap


    Got into skydiving through military and was jumping the giant tractors. When I bought my own rig it initially came with a ZP.EXE 215 which for the ten jumps I did on it were great. Nothing too crazy, nothing too bad, just dependable. I started jumping a 190 silhouette at work and thought why go back up in size so I was in the marked for a new canopy. I found a ZP.EXE 185 with 45 jumps on it. Essentially brand new and at a loading of 1.4 ish out the door it is FUN!!! It still has the same soft opening as the larger size and is extremely forgiving but when I want to play with her she's game. I love this chute and although my other is a 190 stiletto, I am going to keep it. This chute is my go to for any and all conditions and under my WL I can mostly keep up with the faster guys. I have even been successful on a couple swoop and chugs because she is so forgiving that I can easily correct my final swoop placement if I have to. Is it racy and the next best thing? No, but it is really dependable and a lot of fun when the WL goes up. All the fun of a Sabre2 but less $$$. I believe the VOLT is the upgrade and if its anything like the ZP.EXE, you won't be disappointed.