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  1. Hey all! So I have about 30 something jumps on a 150 Pilot ZPX in a 135 Wings container. My last two jumps have been scary af. The second last one after throwing my pilot chute out it took about 5 seconds for the bag to come out. This last jump it took about 7 seconds and scared me the most because I was watching others to my side pull after me and then they were under canopy as I continued falling. The similarity between the two jumps is that it was packed by the same packer. Also, some people have suggested that my closing loop may be a bit too tight as my canopy is in a 135 container. I don't think this is the case cause I haven't had this problem before. The obvious answer is that the pilot chute wasn't cocked, but I know that it was because I ALWAYS check as my dad had a near death experience with a pilot chute incident. Does anyone know what is happening? Please let me know. Blue Skies
  2. As soon as I set foot on the DZ I was greeted and welcomed by the staff. Extremely friendly. They have one of the best maintained Twin Otters that I have ever seen. VERY concerned about safety rightly so and I have always felt safe here. My only complaint is the lack of packers. I've missed a few loads because my rig wasn't packed, which led to me packing it myself. It saved me $7, but wasted time. Other than that it is the friendliest DZ I have been to.
  3. Hey guys! I have done 27 jumps and have just been newly A licensed so I'm pretty stoked about that. I have recently just turned 19, I'm British, and I'm a Freshman at BU so I jump at Skydive Pepperell, which is closest to me. I started jumping early because I grew up around this sport and as soon as I graduated High School I just had to do my AFF as soon as possible! Looking forward to meeting all of you and potentially jump with as well!