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  1. There's no money to be made with it... There is not now, and never has been, a “Balance of Nature.” Entire stars are born and die every day. The second law of thermodynamics states that everything is progressing to more disorder. Uncounted bazillions of neutrinos are sleeting through your body as you are reading this. The northern continents are still rebounding from the melting of the ice sheets from 18,000 years ago. Meteorites and shooting stars add about 40 tons of material to the Earth every day. Volcanoes and earthquakes change the shape of continents, the oceans erode headlands and deposit beaches, and rivers carry sediment to the sea. We live in a dynamic universe. We do not so much exist in a static state of being. The only thing constant about our earth is that it is constantly changing. We should not spend our treasure trying to make climate constant, to fit someone's ideal image of what climate should be. It is futile to try and turn our dynamic environment into a constant. It is doomed to failure...
  2. Wow. 93 years young. 15 siblings. WWII fighter pilot. Firefighter. Skydiver pilot. Sounds like he led one heck of a full life. RIP
  3. So it is your belief that millions of people would have died because of mice eating cereal in a warehouse? I don't know about millions of people, but grain loss to rodents in third world countries without adequate secure storage facilities, is a serious problem. Quote: "We estimated the annual grain losses/shop due to rodent consumption, contamination, spillage, and wastage to be 740 kg. There are about 5.500 shops in the major and minor markets: the annual losses would approximate 4000mtlyear, or about 0.3% of the estimated I.225 million mt that move through the markets yearly." The cats are not harmed in these tests - they take it right in stride.