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  1. that would be just a tad difficult Paul B. MacCready Jr. (September 25, 1925 – August 28, 2007)
  2. January 23, 2016 Davenport, FL []
  3. never did a strato star but i did love my flyer but then i was 145lb at the time
  4. don't really recall clearly but i think it was done by the Herd back in the 70's - out the back of a skyvan
  5. saw this at and first thought was - how is this news? sounds like a typical weekend jumping.
  6. i had to look at a calendar after reading this - was sure someone was doing a 01 April in here
  7. just speculation but ..... i would expect that exposure to any lead from avgas is somewhat limited for each individual - unless one is really into the aroma of engine exhaust. the pollutants that i have not heard much about concern auto brakes and tires: brakes: Asbestos Semi-Metallic Non-Asbestos Organics Low Steel Carbon Exact composition of each manufacturer’s pads is a closely guarded secret although asbestos has been greatly reduced since the passing of drum brakes. then there are tires: natural and synthetic rubber, reinforcing chemicals, anti-degradants, adhesion promoters (which includes cobalt salts) and curatives (including sulfur) these when multiplied by the millions of cars on the roads seems more to be concerned about breathing - the dust does go somewhere and not simply washed away by rain. the ride to the airport has always been the most dangeruous part of jumping! o yeah and one of my favorites - a DOE report from back in the early 90s on PVCs - seems when they are burned (like incinerators for garbage) at an insufficiently high temperature (non stoichiometric) there is a formation of dioxin - always a pleasant breathing experience.
  8. re the part: 2500 was pull altitude in the old days. I didn't go below that on purpose. I won't say it never happened but it wasn't my thing to go low. i tried to avoid people who did not have altitude awareness - seemed like an unhealthy thing to hear someone say i didnt know what altitude i was at.
  9. student pilot -- 25 hours (completed written and a couple cross countries) few hundred jumps discovery of having a brain aneurysm kind of stopped all of it though fun times (6+ hours) in the A6-E night carrier landing trainer and one cat shot/carrier landing in a F/A-18 sim
  10. first time trying to upload in here so..... Blue TU-5 first parachute i bought back in 71 i think
  11. small dave dewolf side story about backwards canopies -- back in the early 70s when squares were first coming to PA -- small DZ outside of Palmyra at the end of a weekday. Dave was offered his first square jump -- it was to be ready for him as soon as he landed from a jump so he could make the last load of the day. 28' TU put in backwards but Dave hit center peas -- dont recall if it was a DC or not but close -- ended with the famous dewolf chuckle.
  12. however taking a roadkill gopher (long time ago so i may not recall the exact details) and doing accuracy approaches is a perfectly acceptable activity -- unless, of course, that you are Bill Ottley (RIP) and a wing of your Bonanza (again details fuzzy) has been designated dead center.
  13. if i recall from old days a corollary to the absorption of oxygen through the skin at terminal is that the oxygen greatly increases the metabolism of alcohol in the bloodstream which is why skydivers have vastly superior capabilities for consuming beer (and other additives) while still maintaining a high degree of mental stamina and coordination skills. A subset of this is that it is the main reason for the popularity of longer duration freefalls during the 70s -- greater period over which the skydiver has time to absorb the oxygen.
  14. where was that accuracy meet pic taken accuracy meet.jpg (83.8 KB) that corn look familiar
  15. i kinda sorta had to tell them as i was 17 and needed their signature on the waiver. took a year to convince them to sign.
  16. if the names were not in that story i never would have recognized many of the participants. Made a few jumps with most -- Demme, Tom & Cindy, Whittington and Randy and this just does not seem like any of them. Ask Randy sometime about his swimming adventure at Eustis (sp??) back around 1979 -- i always thought it was a myth about turning blue. Just does not sound like the 70s i remember.