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  1. that would be just a tad difficult Paul B. MacCready Jr. (September 25, 1925 – August 28, 2007)
  2. January 23, 2016 Davenport, FL []
  3. never did a strato star but i did love my flyer but then i was 145lb at the time
  4. don't really recall clearly but i think it was done by the Herd back in the 70's - out the back of a skyvan
  5. saw this at and first thought was - how is this news? sounds like a typical weekend jumping.
  6. i had to look at a calendar after reading this - was sure someone was doing a 01 April in here
  7. just speculation but ..... i would expect that exposure to any lead from avgas is somewhat limited for each individual - unless one is really into the aroma of engine exhaust. the pollutants that i have not heard much about concern auto brakes and tires: brakes: Asbestos Semi-Metallic Non-Asbestos Organics Low Steel Carbon Exact composition of each manufacturer’s pads is a closely guarded secret although asbestos has been greatly reduced since the passing of drum brakes. then there are tires: natural and synthetic rubber, reinforcing chemicals, anti-degradants, adhesion promoters (which includes cobalt salts) and curatives (including sulfur) these when multiplied by the millions of cars on the roads seems more to be concerned about breathing - the dust does go somewhere and not simply washed away by rain. the ride to the airport has always been the most dangeruous part of jumping! o yeah and one of my favorites - a DOE report from back in the early 90s on PVCs - seems when they are burned (like incinerators for garbage) at an insufficiently high temperature (non stoichiometric) there is a formation of dioxin - always a pleasant breathing experience.
  8. re the part: 2500 was pull altitude in the old days. I didn't go below that on purpose. I won't say it never happened but it wasn't my thing to go low. i tried to avoid people who did not have altitude awareness - seemed like an unhealthy thing to hear someone say i didnt know what altitude i was at.