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  1. Integrity! Integrity for sale! Step right up! "Why I'll buy what your selling, Mister." Go away kid, you're botherin' me. Integrity here! Integrity for sale!
  2. "Remember our meeting in 2010? You were told certain subjects where OFF limits & where did you go before we left the room....right into the NO NO ZONE!" Whoa, whoa, whoa! Berp ... berp ... berp ... back it up! Are you telling us you two met face to face? Tell us everything!!
  3. Bruce, If you could remote view Cooper on the 727 why cant you go to the crime scene right before Cossey was whacked then tell us what you saw? 377 Will do, Three. Good point. Stay tuned and I'll gt back to ya. BS, remote view to Cooper's house and look for a cable bill with his name on it. Then find out how much he was paying, I think I'm getting ripped off. (I bet in 1971, you had to connect to the internet with a 4 baud modem )
  4. I don't actually post as BS. If I say BS then I'm talking about you or to you because to me, you're BS. Bruce Smith (if that is you're real name.) You're in a tough spot BS. So is RobertBlevin. Now you have both produced books you are committed. Sort of clouds your vision. Now everything to you about the Cooper case has to be an FBI cover up. That's your cross. You want my opinion on Cossey? He was a wild card. I think he saw the opportunity to make a quick buck, human greed, an opportunist. I think he didn't say "they're my chutes" to NWO at the start but something like "I want paid for these." Once he got his dough, he was on the slippery slope and had to say "they're my chutes" from there on. Oh what a tangled web etc. Like a lot of con-men, liars, etc. you have to lie to get out of lies and pretty soon Cossey had no idea what the Hell he said yesterday. That's MHO. That doesn't mean we have to conclude that everything he said is now discredited. I think I'm going to write a book about how your book BS, is just a diversion to throw off the fact that the FBI have proven this case a long time ago and you know it. You're an FBI shill to make the actual efficient and precise FBI look like clowns. Nice try, BS, you MKULTRA patsy
  5. I miss one day and come back to two pages of factual discussion on Cooper. Nice! King BS, you posted the file. Good on you mate. Now up your meds and tell us whom you think, sorry hypothesize, whacked Cossey. FBI contract killer? You're always dissin' the bungling FBI and now you hypothesize they're smart enough to use and whack Cossey? Make up your mind BS. Isn't the NB6/NB8 chutes you keep talking about actually just the description of the containers? I might actually buy your book and read chapter 8 before you go all chapter 11. See what I did right there BS? I'm learning!
  6. You know BS, I can see why Cossey told you to fuck off. You've posted so much utter crap on this one page that my eyes are stinging from the smell of it. I don't even know where to start and I'm not even going to handle all of it. - DID YOU JUST EVEN REMOTELY SUGGEST THAT THERE MIGHT BE SIX PARACHUTES? - DID YOU IMPLY HERE THAT COSSEY MIGHT BE AN FBI SHILL? - DID YOU JUST SUGGEST THAT MAYBE THAT'S WHY HE "GOT WHACKED?" Are you joking? If you're screwing around, tongue in cheek, I will apologize. If not, you sir, are King Shit of Diaper Mountain. >>> I'm going to give you a chance to walk up to the plate and hit a pitch BS. If you think that FBI summation ..HaydenCosseyFBIExcerpt.pdf.. is weak sauce, (it's the only one I have ever seen) post any document you have that proves that summation is inaccurate.
  7. Also while we're at it, Cooper exited two chutes, the FBI kept the dyed cut chute that we see as evidence and the other chute was returned to Hayden, isn't that correct?
  8. SO, Rikes, you don't believe me when I say that Cossey told me that he owned the chutes and sent them to Sea-Tac via Boeing Field? How come? Similarly, how come you're "sure he didn't mean he delivered them to Sea-Tac." What's the basis of your confidence on this issue? BS, I thought it was accepted that the chain of command went NWO SEA Flt Ops scrambled and phoned Pacific Aviation (I believe there is a statement from the individual, Harrison maybe?) who knew/contacted Cossey and he shoved the Hayden chutes he had packed at his house into a cab (after being paid for them by NWO SEA.) They went to Boeing Field then to Sea-Tac by private car to 305. The other two were harder to secure and went more direct by state patrol. It was my understanding that Cossey much later said he "owned" the chutes because he received money for them which was sent in the cab by NWO SEA. Am I wrong on all that?
  9. I feel like I have to throw some things out there for discussion. 1 - I can't count the amount of times Larry Carr has said "go by the description and not the sketches." Plus a couple of pages back there Carr is accused of throwing a hoax out there. Did I read that right? Wouldn't he be under a huge amount of DZ scrutiny? 2 - *sigh* Geoffrey Gray did not write an in depth criminal investigation into DB Cooper, he wrote a book (a form of entertainment, granted well researched entertainment) on DB Cooper. 3 - When Earl Cossey said he delivered the chutes, I'm sure he didn't mean he delivered the chutes to Sea-Tac. What exactly is the basis for Cossey being called a liar? 4 - If the Amboy chute had markings, a phone call to Cossey (the FBI, chute expert) would be sufficient to determine if it was Cooper's supplied chutes. 5 - Brown contacts? This thing will never get solved. Instead of increasing the options, why can't we decrease the options? I feel the heat about to be turned way up here, but (here goes) the DZ needs a little more non-American-paranoid-centric "the FBI, the government, are screwing us over, don't trust anything, conspiracy" in it.
  10. One page back Cooper is jumping at 175mph. This page Cooper's semi-opened chute is enduring drag at 225mph and then eight lines down at 200mph. Keep up the good work you guys.
  11. First off, I apologize if there have been screenshots of your site been put on here. I didn't know that and to me, a nobody, I don't think that's cool either. secondly, yes I am saying that it's okay to talk about other members and not okay to cut and paste their postings. But shutter, the reason I'm saying that, is because it seems to me, IMHO, that you can't have it both ways. You were upset about the bickering, I don't blame you, it's like gossip central in here, but you shouldn't be worried about this site. That's my whole point. You should be administrating your site and have no concern about this site. My point was is that if you're not putting an end to the cut and paste on your site, it's going to end up just like last ten pages of bitchfest. Just sayin' (BS! You see what I did right there? You're rubbing off on me!)
  12. Okay so let me throw this (new??) Cooper idea out there I've been bouncing around in my brain. This is a parachuting site right? Surely people here have had to put themselves and a chute into the trees. So, they know how much of a bitch it is to get yourself onto a tree, cut your lines or maybe get out of your harness, get down to the ground without falling onto your head and then, somehow get your chute out of the branches. Hell, it's probably a pain to get your lines out of even a bush. And if your Cooper, and you successfully pulled, and it's night, and you're heart's freaking 'cause you just jumped out a 727 and you're about to be man-hunted and seeing no one in LE, in helicopters, in the search ever found a canopy in the trees ... why don't we simply eliminate anywhere with trees as a valid LZ? It should rule out a lot of land because there's a whole lot of trees in the NW.
  13. I think it's reasonable for someone on Shutter's site to talk shit about someone here and vice versa. Although the "us vs them" stance is just everyone throwing their toys out of their cribs. I just think it's funny that Shutter would allow someone to essentially cut and paste the very site he is tired of, onto his site. I mean then the dbcooper forum simply becomes a clone of this forum. Eventually one of the adults has to get off the merry-go-round.
  14. Sigh. Imagine what it's like being in my princely shoes. First, Bobby B passed out head shots of me to the Auburn PD so that I would be arrested if I ever attended his shin-dig. Then, Mrs. Cooper alleges that I whacked Earl Cossey and rants that I should be investigated for that homicide. And recently, a DZ'er asked me for an accounting of my Sex Life, claiming that it could be the key to unlocking the Cooper mystery. And my therapist asks me if I think I'm delusional? Herr Rikes, you see what I have to put up with? As my Aunt Teddy used to say, "Yee Gawds!" Hopefully, my e-book will make enough money so I can afford a bottle of Tequila. Know what I'm sayin,' Riksie? I hear ya, BS. I can smell you too. You're not going to end it "Know what I'm sayin'" are you? That would probably be the end of your integrity, being ten years behind the times with the phrases and everything, you better be stayin' woke BS, before you start "fo shizzlin'." So how much you going to ding us for this book of yours?
  15. I really like dbcooper forum. However Shutter needs to call a zero-tolerance halt to the "copy and paste" bullshit or his (or her) site will eventually self-implode into an embarrassing DZ Version 2.0. They will have the legacy of being the creator of exactly what they didn't like here. I understand banning people from his/her's site. That's fine. If you own the site you can do whatever you want but then allowing your membership to attack Skyjack71 and RobertMBlevins (that's what I see) without any ability for them to defend themselves or their position is just juvenile and worse … it's cowardly. It would seem to me if you hate the people here and this site enough to join another formed site to bad-mouth here, maybe you shouldn't spend all your time peeping through this site's keyhole.