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  1. Yo, A-K Thingy, I don't get it. Who is Loki, and what does he/she have to do with my sex life? BTW: I'm not into habibs, you know, the Islamic scarf thingy that Muslim women wear. Okay, still trying to find out the connection between Loki and my sex life. Google first, then Wikipedia: [words spoken to you can be described in one simple word "waste" ... so all I can say is keep trying ]
  2. Thanks Robert ... however I think some portion of the credit should go to Brucie as well for inspiration. I thought if he can call that "interview with Tina", someday FBI can call my logic a "solution" too. Quote
  3. Bruce ... I am 1000 things and yes I can join dropzone too. Anyways it's seems like a private forum so I'd not say much ... Access this link if you guys wanna, it seems to give a whole new dimension to the Cooper case, if that's even possible ...