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  1. Hmm now I get your point. Just piecing it doubt Gray jumped on to the topic for the same cause everybody else is here ...TO SOLVE THE DAMN CASE It could very well be that it started as a book on Kenny wherein he just wanted to say include DW or a McCoy to move away from the monotony of just the KC narration. But when Porteous pulled the plug Gray had no other option but to include EVERYBODY, Vietcong & aliens. I think that may be the reason why Kenny ends so abruptly in the book despite that is how the narration began. If I am someone "normal" who knows little to nothing about the case, after reading the book, I'd probably come out thinking DW as a better suspect than KC. And I am guessing that is caz Ms. Jo was more cooperative than Porteous. Porteous is a PI and if pulled the plug to...well...write his own book then I am guessing there's some meat to KC, so dude...I'd say carry on the work. If Duane can be made to look so potent then on KC you guys have really done some investigation, I'd not mind reading that up... and ADD theories Let's get real FBI is too busy to look into it. With so many mass murderers out there, if in FBI, even I wouldn't give a rat's tail to DBC.
  2. I don't think your evidences have anything to do with Geoff Gray... Porteous n you introduced Gray with an interesting and commercially bankable subject.... and let's just say Gray flew with it. There's not even an iota of SENSE in that's pure SENSATION! I mean he just fell short of including Big Foot & The Wow Signal .... Ms. Jo... you SHOULD read the book... his descriptions about your posts are rather "INFORMATIVE" and let's get real he's otherwise outright condescending about MOST members on here and have only used their personal lives and pasts, COMPLETELY unrelated to DBC, just to spice up his book. ("Charlene" episode is the most blatant example of that) It may be Commerce but then how is it any different from Bruce knocking on Mucklow and family's door and then writing nasty public articles about them?
  3. Since nobody asked my opinion… I feel compelled to give it. It is on the recent Bestseller “Skyjack…The Hunt for D.B.Cooper”. I am glad I read the book, it’s something I’ve been saying for a while now that irrespective of whether KC, DW, McCoy, Barabara Dayton etc. etc. are DBC or not, it can still be presented in a way which can, not just be readable but can also be entertaining enough to be Bestsellers. With Geoff Gray’s book, I stand corrected!! For those who have not read it, it is seriously not worth mentioning here on DZ as most people here (well including me actually, the Cooper Commoner) can easily give a run to Geoff Gray for his money. Let’s just say, in terms of commerce, he got away with most with least invested, at least so far. (although the book promises that 2 more books by members of DZ are on way…so let’s see) Anyways, Skyjack is a cacophony of accounts, DBC suspects..ALL OF THEM (literally), quotes from here at DZ, mentions about it members and a rather lame attempt of adding the Martin Luther King & Kennedy angle to it….way to go Mr. Gray… I am just glad aliens did not feature beyond just the passing mentions. And Spoiler Alert: Vietnam features rather heavily along with needless to say Nixon & his "suits". Actually the connection of this book with DBC is just a coincidence...Geoff Gray would've written DOT the same book irrespective of which unsolved crime it was about. (Also with that I would like my LOKI theory to be considered officially as well ) I, however, have a renewed respect for this forum after finishing the book as the author has literally primarily based his book and “research” on this forum, it’s many members and has quoted many posts from here. (He has very graciously acknowledged them but I am guessing that is primarily for lack of an option. Still!) Besides the entertainment value, in terms of quality the book offers nothing to no one and ends in a rather disappointing ending of adding one more conspiracy to it, in the name of someone who is “referred” as Jack because …. Well you guessed it right …. he wants to remain anonymous (so I am guessing another “deathbed” confession and Part II of the book) Read it as a rather long gossip column and if you are reading the e version, stop at around page 400 something…it just goes South from there on.
  4. When I said, I could even read "crap"... I meant it metaphorically Suggest me a few titles and I am game. Thanks for suggesting Skyjack...just finished reading it. I was aiming for yours next "Into the Blast" .... it was 2nd in the list of suggested reading in Skyjack ... so might as well. Since my tomorrow happens before yours, I hope I haven't missed the news yet Isn't this a hoax made up by Larry least that's what I gathered by reading Skyjack...What am I missing here??
  5. I think "YOU-will-interest-me" ... is an Oxymoron
  6. Returning here after a long time .... was stuck in the "no internet land" so thought might as well write-edit-rewrite-edit-rewrite, the Cooper Comic Strip ... (deadline has passed and has been extended a few times already ) Anyways was wondering if anything new popped up and realized that I have missed..... well ... NOTHING!! Anyways, I was debating with the editor who sternly stated that he will publish only if it makes "Factual Sense"... hahaha Good luck to him
  7. I don't think you are lying either...I am also of the opinion that you have conducted an investigation and KC is where your investigation has led you. I have a right to opinion and a right to disagree or ask questions and even debate about it... Should I take it out personally on you if there's a disagreement, well I think it would be juvenile on my part and I believe anyone else's who does that. I understand this...however I am not tired....YET May be caz I am new to the topic or may be caz I am the generation that was born waaaaay after the incident even took place and I have people like you and debates like this only for info. Botched up or no...only time will tell.... and thanks to that some of my myths already stand busted. Anyways, if you are up for it...Mrs. Geetsman's stand I can understand though my question still remains on sundry people i.e when you were investigating, did you ask about DBC from random people like local grocers etc.?
  8. And what is her reason for not coming forward so far? I have the similar questions... let's just say Bernie wanted to protect the husband then and Ms. Jo and people in north were unaware... how come others like Grocer, Mechanic, distant relatives or really just random others didn't come forward? there a reason behind this or if it remains unanswered?
  9. (I know the comment is for Ms. Jo) Anyways the airstair thing is popular perception though...not sure how it began though. If I am not wrong Wikipedia says that (irrespective of quality it is the biggest source of most people's stories and "research").... Anyways it seem same as the weather thingy, wherein most of us (Cooper commoners ) were led to believe that it was a thunderous night....that myth also got busted on this forum only.
  10. Okay how about this...(well I have enough people for company so I don't feel "that" stupid anymore with my comments )..Anyways... This is one of the most popular pics by which KC is being pinned as DBC. Anyways about the questions you have about the pic... is it possible that the pic was taken after 1974 (sorry I couldn't see the date on the pic as you mentioned). That is owing to KC's resemblance with DBC they decided to play a prank of sorts in which he dresses up like him and for the memento sake took that pic. It is, otherwise, eerily similar to the description of DBC but then DBC description was quite non descript. Or just take the pic at face value rather than splitting hair on matters like keys, wreath, his expression etc. Besides didn't he had a more visible receding hairline in 72 (date of pic) compared to DBC composite. (I remember either you or Jo has written something about it like colouring the hair or something, a bit foggy on it though). Sorry a bit busy and was not able to look up for a few days, another confusion I have is that why KC or DW were not picked up by FBI in '74 itself? I mean I understand that they my not be the most social of people however they were still living normal lives around normal people... and DBC case was no hidden mystery, it was apparently all over the television so how come no one came forward reporting them as suspects??
  11. You may find this interesting~ Indeed a good read ... RIP brave dad!
  12. Bob Knoss ....that there is one more
  13. Indeed fun stuff ... gotta try the phone book thing...just looking for a concrete 3 foot concrete
  14. " ______________________________________________ Gosh..this Cooper case is a labyrinth and I aint a Cooper royalty ...I seriously have no clue what are you taking me understand where can I read more about what u saying...the film etc.
  15. "I was there when Duane was given instruction"....(At the risk of sounding a complete idiot)...are you quoting someone or is it that you were really there when Duane was given instructions to hijack this plane?
  16. Okay I get it...yeah I don't think so either...I think it is Himmelsbach's Hoover size ego talking. And it did seem like a larger conspiracy to discredit Cooper simply since FBI could not crack the case. How can one man fool an entire organization and thus make claims like he died in the jump and the get a John Doe warrant out just in case...Ridiculous!! *** I had to include the testimony of Geestman's niece in the report. It is up to the Seattle FBI to decide if she is telling the truth. I think she is, but it is not my opinion that counts. hmm... let's see if FBI investigates it further, I am curious to read their reasons if at all.
  17. Blevins, As I understand it, you feel your job is to make the allegations. Then you pass the buck to the FBI. Of course you will continue to try to sell your screen play, "KC is Cooper", to anyone who is dumb enough to pay five bucks for it. Robert99 I don't get this...may be caz I am fairly new to the forum...anyways so someone thinks KC was Cooper and yet other thinks it was Webber...they have their reasons to think that and have researched on it. Whether they are right or no only time will tell and even if they are wrong, it might still make a good don't agree, debate, but name calling kinda spoils the fun. One can justify a point but justifying oneself time & again can be needless & painful. I already don't read posts from a few people on this forum simply caz I find them too aggressive and downright pointless... there's no point adding to that list I guess. Ms. Jo, that does seem like the typical 727 picture... i didn't get what you are debating about though? Blevin (you may have already stated this though) ... what is the reason to believe that Cooper was carrying a fake bomb... I mean that is just BALLSY... My reason being, it seem to go contrary to the description of the man who looked like he knew what he was doing instead of "in the heat of the moment"...besides with guns & explosives so readily available why would anyone take that kinda blatant chance. I mean even McCoy types were carrying real weapons. Although, I remember about a decade or so back some guy tried to hijack an aircraft by wrapping a tennis ball to look like a bomb :D PS: I have a strong hunch that both these guys (Geetsman & Webber) are culprits and are hiding just may not be this... if you guys or FBI keeps on snooping enough I am sure it'll be uncovered some day and honestly even that would be quite interesting.
  18. which one was Mitchell's seat? No. 1 is 18 C, his allotted seat. No. 2 may be where he moved to later...yeah ask someone
  19. hmm...I too have read somewhere (I think citizen sleuths also stated that) that the DNA extracted from what Cooper left behind is only a partial profile, surprising considering he left behind quite a few cigarette butts. But then in those days no one knew that one day DNA profiling can also happen and poor storage of a lot of those things is probably why only partial DNA is available. But then as technology goes even that is enough...for someone to be considered I guess that partial should be a complete match at least.
  20. Maam wasn't he eliminated basis DNA? Irrespective of how many years later was the DNA comparison done...isn't it conclusive in itself?
  21. Yes I'll pick it up one of these days...
  22. If you are placing so much importance on his testimony, I am presuming you have some good reasons for that and thus, again, I am curious to see your report when it comes out. In the the interview and I still do not find Mitchell's testimony credible (no offense). My reasons being, no aircraft allows you a good look at someone sitting a few rows apart in the middle seat, irrespective of how tall one is...besides how many times can u look around to stare at a person for no reason...his details of brown shoe and socks...I mean that is difficult to notice even if person is sitting next to you. One can recognize a recognizable face but recollecting someone's exact facial features, that too of someone wearing thick dark glasses...I think, is a bit stretch of imagination.
  23. It's your list so no debates from that point of view...though I didn't get the yardstick or logic behind it. 1. It has people from Medieval to Modern and from warriors to astronaut?? 2. Nelson Mandela in whereas Gandhi & Martin Luther King.. omitted 3. Shepard & Gagarin in whereas Armstrong, Edmund Hillary & Sherpa Tensing... omitted 4. Genghis Khan in whereas Subutai, his own general is omitted. Clearly Babur, Alexander etc. have a long shot in which case. 5. And most women :(
  24. Images for Kindle books should be at 96dpi resolution or more for best results. Images for print books should be at an absolute minimum of 150dpi. 300 is standard. For print, images inserted directly into manuscripts should be made slightly lighter than normal. Not a lot...just SLIGHTLY. This is because the Lightning Source process has a habit of slightly DARKENING the images in a print book. Digital publishing...good things, bad things. Most are good, though.