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  1. If you have a lot to lose, heck yeah! You never know what's going to happen after a marriage. People change... Spouses cheat... I wouldn't want to lose half of my assets because my spouse turned out to be a cheating beech. And if she's not willing to sign the pre-nupt for that, then it throws into question her own motives for marriage... If she's in it for love, then half of my net worth shouldn't be of interest to her... P.S. I think this is a theoretical discussion, and not one to be concerned about particular state laws which may forbid the practice.
  2. You still haven't told us your grandfather's name.
  3. What is your grandfather's name, and in what country was he No. 1?
  4. A whuffo asked me recently how many people die skydiving. My response this time, which just came out of the blue from my head without thinking about it, was; "I know more skydivers who have died of cancer, then I do skydivers who have died from skydiving." Whatcha think - true or false for you?
  5. And to manifest before you're packed and ready, thereby jumping in line in front of other jumpers who are already waiting? How much trouble is it, really, to walk over to the manifest gal and say; "Put me on a load, please." Geez.
  6. Why don't you tell us what it does?