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  1. Hanger and packing area are right next the plane pickup. Landing area is nice and big with lots of outs. Ride to altitude is super fast like 7 min. What really makes this dropzone is the people. Everyone is out to have a good time, they care about each other and safety. John the dzo has helped me pack when I'm on a short call to make the load. Camping in the summer is awesome. Can't really say enough great things about this place its what every dropzone should strive for.
  2. You are literally nickled and dimed over every single thing. Jumps are $28 if you have cash extra for card. Rigging and coaching are also way over priced. You are a second rate citizen if you are not a tandem, for example if there is are no chairs left and tandems are standing skydivers will be forced to give up there seats. Just ridicules! It has the nickname Mile High School for a reason. The people who are regulars are clicky and shallow. If you owe beer they only accept expensive craft beer. Constant gossip and who slept with who bs is everywhere. There are good people there I think they just don't know better but they are about 10% of the people.
  3. Another great article Annette! One special request for part two could we talk about seat-belt placement when going around the waist is not an option some people say leg-strap others chest-strap, another placement I have seen is through the side of the harness around the hip rings danger close to the reserve handle.
  4. Nice pic in the title jumping through the clouds. AFF and already breaking the law, gonna make a fine skydiver.
  5. adwilson07

    Stalling For Success

    Another awesome useful article from Miss O'neil. I want to make your articles required reading for an A licences. Not that experienced jumpers couldn't use this stuff too.