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  1. lienbacher

    Playing video off a defunked dvr ????

    Ahhh now it makes total sense and I learned something! Thanks a bunch! Indeed I have no knowledge about anything like that in Europe. Being the tech-savvy guy I'd just take it apart just to find out if it was encrypted, and if it was I'd feel challenged to use google-knowledge and see if there was a chance to decrypt it (and if they don't use an unnecessary super-duper-secure system I'd wild-bet there is). keithbar, I'd start with looking up the exact type name of your dvr (usually to be found on the label on the bottom of the device) and start googling the type and "retrieving data without subscription". If you post the type name here I'd now be intrigued to find out myself. You got me interested now :)
  2. lienbacher

    Playing video off a defunked dvr ????

    Well, this is much more information than in the initial post, but still lacks the details needed to actually help you. (with proper punctuation I might not have needed to read your post 3 times to make sure I understood it properly). Please give us more details to your dvr. What type is it, what kind of malfunction is it suffering from. If the drive is fine just remove it from the device, buy an adapter from amazon and access your stuff from a computer. If the drive is the problem things become more complicated, but the nature of drives is that it takes some effort to make data completely and absolutely unrecoverable. It may be simple (a broken file-system for instance can be fixed via software) or complicated (broken magnet head that scratched the surface of the disk to name one option), its essentially a matter of how much time and effort and in more severe cases money you wanna spend on recovering your data. But not even knowing what kind of DVR you're using and what the "defunked" symptom is, it's pretty much impossible to help you any further than this :) I also have no clue how your satellite dish and "the guy" are linked to the dvr problem ... Wolfgang
  3. Well, this got me thinking - and it's a thought I've had for quite a time. The thought is: "My god - another one? why?" I'd love to hear what others think about this. I am neither judging nor trying to keep you from doing what you wanna do. It's a free world and I think it is important to stay like this. (it is a legal grey-zone that is only grey because of social acceptance and the effort that must be pursued to fight for your right while at the same time loosing time to create plus loosing traffic because many people disagree. So I'm not going to sue anyone) Part of this free world are healthy discussions and I'd really like to hear other opinions. Sorry if this highjacks your thread! (maybe it will even steer traffic your way through) I've been trying to make a living from photography exclusively for 10 years now and trying as hard as I can to combine this with skydiving. I am obviously professionally biased, and I love to learn new things every day :) That said, check out my instagram: @lienbacher, you might find some. Yes this line also makes you legally entitled to use my work in your channel ;) Oh, and please - don't start a skydiving shirt shop which you promote in the very first line and put the credit into the last line while not giving away any of your profit to the people who actually generate the content for you. As this makes me sick every time they tag me - yes, in this case I am unfortunately quite judgemental. I do see they are collecting the fruits of the work they put in. It's just, you know, I've put 15 years of work into learning how to create the content they "only collected", and I can't pay my rent with "fame", nor buy cameras, lenses, food, you get the point. Fortunately it does get me free tickets - as long as I work while jumping them ;) Good luck with your project! Wolfgang