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  1. I was there one day in January 2015...unfortunatelly, only one day. I was really surprised from the professionalism there, somewhere in the desert. When I was there, two Otters were flying round and climbing to 13.000 ft very fast. It's really a nice view over the desert, and, you can't miss the landing zone, almost impossible :-) There are two packing areas, several video/team rooms, a shop and a nice bistro. I did 4 jumps there with a rented rig. Getting there: I rented a car at the airport for 110 AED (Europcar), very cheap. Sorry for my bad english... Dirk
  2. I was there at 2015/02/02 only for one day. Aircraft arrived at noon, so I had to wait two hours. But there is a nice coffee shop. After checking my documents and a briefing on the landing area, I could buy a ticket (incl. rent for rig) and was manifested for the next free load. There are three time slots for 13.000 ft: 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16. Other times are 9.000 ft. I did 3 jumps, including the sunset load. After my last landing, I get a can of cold LEO beer, nice gesture. I you know about the time slots, I can recommend this drop zone without any limitations. Sorry for my bad english... :-) Dirk