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  1. Andy was a good friend, did a lot for me when I needed it, helped me get back on my feet. Will remember the great times like being snowed in playing poker in Empuria in a freak Spanish snow storm. Taking it in turns to play driving roulette on the way back from the pub. Blocking each other in the door being the last 2 out of the Caravan while trying to build a 14 way from 8k and laughing all the way to the base then watching you chop after going low on break off. Can’t believe your gone dude we talked about what you wanted to do for your last skydive never thought it would be so soon. BSBD Wiggy
  2. I have been filming tandems on my back for a couple of years now mainly due to being very light and unable to keep up with the big guys belly down. I find you can get right underneath with no real worry about them dropping on you as they get a lot of support from the drogue. Some TMs are fine with it and some don't like it as they do get burbled a bit. I have a suit with 1/4 size cup wings and these are great with loads of pop up when you need it. It also means you can work on your freeflying while earning more cash for the tunnel.
  3. Hi Scoop, Remember you from yesterday, but didn't realise you had such an interest in Skysurf. This is something that's really good to hear about as its abit of a dying sport
  4. I did the wingtips swoop seminar on Friday and found it a great help. There where people on the course at different ability levels and a fun day was had by all. Chris gave a very informative course and the class room work really helped with loads of great pointers for staying safe and improving your technique. I think if you are just starting to swoop in the UK this should be a course to do sooner rather than later. Chris runs through a structured progression to swooping which will help you progress safely while you become a super swooper.
  5. Ethen came into our lives as a AFF jumper who did a little dance in the Turbo Let before his QJ. He became quite a character in our community and never missed an opportunity for a Joke. From dragging ourselves around the airfield in a bin bag behind the DZ bike to changing the sign on the manifest board, his love of mischief was unstoppable. Sorry I won’t get to teach you to sitfly I’ll miss you Mate Wiggy