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  1. I laughed SO hard at this thread. As a new jumper in AFF these are the crazy things we wonder about so we don't look & feel more stupid than we already do to you master jumpers! I do love the fingerslidefistbump thingy that happens in our loads - makes me feel like part of the coolest club ever.
  2. Well Cat-B jump today went great - corrected all the little things I wanted to improve on from the prior jump. Cat-C1 a different animal - wound up on my back with instructors (2 AWESOME instructors!) in chase. I did manage to get belly down alone & pull cleanly at altitude no less but more from kicking like a mad man than arching & relaxing. So FAIL...but fantastic debriefing from the guys at Triangle Skydiving Center so I'm confident I can right more wrongs next Sunday!
  3. Carolina Hoosier here - born in Indiana but made for North Carolina. Just completed jump school at Triangle Skydiving Center (Louisburg) last Sunday and made my Cat-A jump. Heading back tomorrow to continue the progression. Loving every minute. This site has been so helpful getting started with skydiving. Thanks everyone!