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  1. Finally went to STC in Baldwin. Really enjoyed the atmosphere there. Everyone was really nice, even when I landed the one place I wasn't suppose to land lol. They all we trying to get me to come back today for the Angle Tracking LO'ing but regardless being busy, it looks too overcast today. This very well could be my new home DZ.
  2. Thanks for the info! But damn thats twuce as long away for me. But fuck it I drove 2 hrs every week for Perris.
  3. Needed a change if pace and this was where my GF grew up so was our first choice. Been here about 2 weeks now. Been overcast a lot but thats May here i hear. Got a jump in so far. But was at Skydive The Lakes, formerly Westside Skydive, in Winsted. Called Skydive TC in forest lake but was told they are open Friday till Monday, then in a few weeks i think they said Thursday thru monday, and by mid June will be open Wednesday thru Monday till the season is over. Need some fun jumpers to jump with. Would love to get into that Angle flying. Freefly mostly, love to track also. Always willing to work on my belly also. When you moving out here?
  4. Definitely want to keep it simple for sake,of it being a bust. But Im loving the blowup doll rodeo idea lmao....raft is a close second but Im not sure how Perris feels on that.
  5. Literally in the same boat as you man but I jump out of happy you asked this all year and the year round in wisconsin is something I didnt know.
  6. So ths Thursday my 3rd jump of the day is my 100th jump and I wanted some ideas besides the usual underwear jump. I initially want to do a rodeo on a wing suiter but Im also open to other ideas. Regarding my skill level, I have been freeflying with some coaches and can defintely keep up in my sitfly, but also definitely do not have complete control of all my axis' in my sit. Never docked on my own but close. Backfly is decent, belly no problem, headdown barely any control, and pretty decent standing. So any ideas? Thanks for anyones input.