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  1. Damn good day as a matter of fact. Moving out of home tomorrow into the inner city to be close to I found out some good news about the courses I applied for. Now if I can somehow work a jump and a root into the remainder of the day I'll be set
  2. JPA


    Sorry to gloat but I just received my university offer for this year...the course I wanted had a cut-off of 98.5% and I GOT IN. I need a jump to celebrate!
  3. I've jumped a lot of talon 2 t4' seems to hold a sabre 150 perfectly and most of the ones I've jumped contained them or a very similar canopy. You could probably squeeze a 170 in there if you had to. Very nice rig altogether, I like them.
  4. Shouldn't it be titled 'crack-whore mall-rat of the day'
  5. If you do make it through, be sure to engage in plenty of deep and meaningful conversations and hug everyone at least five times a day, while making sure to mention deep seated issues involving your parents.'s all about quality
  6. JPA


    Have fun...if you don't feel anything at first wait a little longer, nothing like bombing 12 because you think they don't work and then spend the rest of the day a blathering mess.
  7. Vegamite and avocado on toast is one of my favorites, otherwise a cheese, apple and salami sandwich.
  8. That is f@$#ing wicked!!! Is it just me, or does the canopy appear to have two bridals coming from it?
  9. It was a peace-keeping force in East Timor, which Indonesia very reluctantly allowed us to take part in. Believe me, we were thoroughly un-prepared, we had to borrow 4000 flak jackets from the US to protect our troops. In part we were attempting to clean up a mess we helped create 25 years previously. It's good to be aware of things, but I think it is equally important to be aware of hidden (or not so hidden) political agendas. I don't blame you for not knowing much about our politics...that's why we spend days watching cricket and drinking beer, because it's so damn boring
  10. I don't know what you'd like me to do...enlist in the military because some idiot is talking shit? Bali was a massive tragedy and I know people who lost loves ones, but it seems to me that our politicians and media have grabbed this horrific act with both hands in an attempt to portray it as act of terrorism directed exclusively at Australians. From where I sit, it looks very much like the media and politicians attempting to manufacture some form of consent for any military action the US takes against Iraq. This is necessary because the Australian public has been very reluctant to endorse such action. While what happened in Bali was sickening and I'd like to see the fuckers responsible in pain, I for one am hesitant to hop on this media band-wagon. Firstly, our Prime Minister is in my opinion, a complete fool. His disregard for letting facts get in the way of his political ambitions is well documented . His comments regarding pre-emptive strikes are absolutely ridiculous and have done nothing but en-flame the situation further. Now, before I am labelled a liberal communist, let me explain why. Australia's military is sub-standard. We could not defend ourselves if we had too. Any attempt to attack Indonesian soverinty would be very silly indeed, with out our good mates America doing most of the work. Secondly, there is no way Australia has the capacity, or indeed the intent to launch a strike. John Howard is essentially talking out his arse in a pathetic attempt to grab more support because of the high emotions present after the Bali bombing. As much as I detest Abu Baker (sp?) his comments are no surprise, and quite frankly, are reasonably accurate regarding the stupidity of John Howard and his remarks. As much as Bali was a national tragedy, Australia has not been attacked. Of course it is possible that this can and will change, but the present fact remains the same. As much as I do understand the motivation behind such remarks (and believe me, I do) as "don't take this laying down" does seem to be a reasonably uninformed view of the situation propagated by various media conglomerates. These guys are evil, no doubt about it, but engaging in a rhetoric war for the sole purpose of furthering one's political agenda makes me sick. Finally, as much as I hate to say it, lets not forget other's right to respond to potentially aggressive statements. Freedom of speech is not a right only enjoyed by us. If push comes to shove, I'll fight, but right now, that to me is certainly not warranted. JP out.
  11. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The tourists finished up with 251 with 2 wickets in hand. Unfortunately I have to go watch a years worth of Aussie BASE action on a big screen TV at a beach-front pub so I can't watch the rest of the game. All we need is some quick flashes of the bat and the poms can continue with their proud tradition of humiliation at the hands of Australians
  12. After a dismal start to the one-day cricket in Australia the bleeding poms are finally showing some form. So far 2/119 from 21 overs. They're only delaying the inevitable however, once Slater and Gilchrist get behind the crease the annihilation will begin and the rampant lion will go back to where it belongs, lying wounded on the pitch
  13. Unrolling the nose before a low-pull comp
  14. Respect. Guys like you testing the limits are what this sport is all about.