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  1. I finally went over the weekend and started AFF, got 2 jumps in! My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  2. I traded off a pistol for a GoPro over the weekend. This is my first one. I have a 3+sliver and it's been a blast so far! Here is a pic I grabbed today. Probably the last ride for a few weeks since the nut-numbing cold is coming through. My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  3. Picked up supplies tonight for making our own hard cider! Pic: http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o240/fokusco/cider_zps0ee45b6a.jpg (tried to ul the pic but got a message saying it was too big... It was only 1.8mb.., *shrugs* oh well) My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  4. hmmm.. I see a happy smiling face! (see attachment) My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  5. Honestly, I'm very impressed with what they've done with the Miata. It has been taken from a sissy looking compact to, what can almost be called, a sports car. Everything about this new model is worlds more impressive than what it has been. *thumbs up* Mazda! My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  6. Awesome! Congratulations! I sent you a pm with my contact info. Get at me the next time you're going to go jump. I'd like to check the place out. Cool! I've contacted a couple guys about heading up to Chicago sometime. Maybe if there are enough of us, the price won't be too bad... I'm guessing this is the worst time of year I could have possibly picked up interest in the sport. When it comes to info that is learned in the first few aff jumps, is there a whole lot that I could "forget" with a 3-4 month hiatus due to the winter season? My thoughts were: go ahead and start my aff jumps before bad weather and pick up at the beginning of next season. Has anyone found that to be a bad way to do things? My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  7. Helmet looks nice! Plasti-dip is great for all kinds of stuff. They make an actual application system to apply the it a more "proper" way. You can buy it by the gallon and there are worlds of colors and finishes available. A buddy of mine has the system and has done several complete vehicles. Check out dipyourcar.com Funny that Corvettes were mentioned... I have another buddy with a Z51 and he did his front lip and wheels with plasti dip. It looks great and protects the factory finish from uv and rock chips really well. But, once you get even a little hole in it, the wind and water can begin to rip it off. Definitely nice to have a non-permanent way to test colors! My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  8. I think it might be a bit underpowered. My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  9. I'm about 3-4hrs from Chicago too. Let me know dates that are good and I may be interested in coming up there as well. My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  10. I've heard of that place. How often are you out there? My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus
  11. Thank you! Looking at it now, I'm finding lots of people that get started closer to my age than I had thought! That get's me that much more excited
  12. Hi! I'm Michael, from Indiana USA. A little about me: I have 3 children (all little girls; 4, 6 & 7) and absolutely love to be outdoors with them whenever the weather dictates. We keep very busy and do our fair share of traveling, though most of that is limited to within the state our the mid-west region. Love to camp, hike and "explore." I'm a metal fabricator (try to be) that works from my garage. Have some cool tools and some free time so I get to have quite a bit of fun. I mainly make custom scooter/motorcycle parts but from time to time get myself involved in some Jeep/offroad projects. Jumping out of a plane is something that has always sounded like an amazing time to me. I'm a little concerned that I may be a little too old to get into it at 30. It seems that the majority of people I talk to started in their early 20s. At any rate, I went to Middletown, OH a week ago and did a tandem to see if it triggered a desire to get into the sport. HOLY #$*&! Being up in the air was amazing! The free fall was like nothing I've ever felt before! Now, I'm feeling like I HAVE to get into this. Once I got home I started my research and found this forum along the way. I'll do my best to search first, but I'm sure there will be plenty of noob questions from me. Apologies in advance! I would like to find someone local to me that I could talk with and could help my knowledge grow within the sport. I'm ready to start the journey towards getting my A license. [waves] My website: BOSSruckus.com Instagram: XeroFokus