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  1. 11bjohnny

    Recovery Arc vs. Wind Speed

    wind affects ground speed, not airspeed.
  2. 11bjohnny

    Wings and pilot

    Does anyone currently have a pilot 168 ZPX going into a wings container? If so, what size is the container (W10/W11) and how is the fit? I am currently ordering a wings and have already ordered the pilot. My intention was to buy the zpx in order to have a container I could use for YEARS to come. I dont see myself going sub 135 ever unless I have a leg amputated or become anorexic. I called Sunrise before ordering the pilot and explained my intention, asked if the 168 ZPX would fit into the W10 and was told yes. Now with the order being processed sunrise is suggesting the W11. As they are the manufacturer I am apt to go with their recommendation. But I just want to check that the smaller pack volume of the ZPX doesnt make it squishy in the container. Thanks in advance
  3. As already stated. Night jumps are planned for the third of January at Eloy, and I believe that there is someone advertising wingsuit coaching during the winter at Eloy. You could probably contact them and find out what they offer. I am heading down there for collegiate and can't wait. Too bad I am the only one from my school...
  4. 11bjohnny

    eloy bunkhouse questions

    I just found this http://www.dropzone.com/forum/Skydiving_C1/Events_%26_Places_to_Jump_F19/Eloy_Bunkhouse,_Team_room_or_Hotel_P4043855/ A few replies in there is a pretty decent review of some of the accommodations. I am heading down there for collegiate myself in a few weeks and have a few of the same questions as you.