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  1. I saw that you are in Skydive Panama City. Maxine Tate is doing a Flight-1 101 and 102 on the weekend of may 19 at skydive deland. I don't know who you are working with in Arizona. I don't see a Flight-1 canopy course scheduled in AZ for june and I would very strongly advice you to take a Flight-1 canopy course and not any other company / instructor. If you don't believe me ask around if anybody knows of a better option than Flight-1. I highly recommend you do the course at Deland. It's local, you don't have to wait till June, potentially something bad could happen in the very next jump if this is your current situation. Your problem is sight picture, you don't have enough video debrief's to know what's too high or too low and you are flaring high to err on the side of caution. Also 1 day courses are not enough. The Flight-1 courses are 2 days. PS--> I am not an employee / sponsored by flight-1. I am speaking in your best interest.
  2. I am 100% Flight-1 trained, all the way from 101, 102, 103, 201, 202 and now I do 1 on 1's, they are the best in the business. You are right in assuming that flight-1 is the way to go. Your profile says 200 jumps in 3 years which means an average of 66 jumps per year. I highly doubt that a Flight-1 instructor will approve your choice of canopy. Please reference the following materials. 1. Canopy Downsizing chart by Brian Germain ( now adopted by USPA ) 2. Canopy Risk Quotient by USPA If you put in your statistics HONESTLY you will find that you are already pushing the envelope way beyond what you should. Please stay there, or consider a more conservative approach ( preferred ). Also to the best of my knowledge the stiletto has the shortest recovery arc in it's class of canopies and is designed for pilots wanting different things. The recovery arc of the Sabre 2 is the longest in its class. ( I have no knowledge about the newly released Safire 3 ) In my opinion you would be better off at a same size sabre 2 and stay there until you can increase the total number of jumps that you are making per year. My recommendation would be minimum 200 jumps a year out of which half are hop and pop's. PS --> I am not one of those people that believe that newer jumpers should not think about swooping, believe me I am one of the most impatient people out there, however I realized by competing in 4 way that there is no skipping of anythings when it comes to things that you do in the air. Your total time to become a shit hot swooper will always be greater if you REALLY nail down the fundamentals and get a proper canopy coach ( not your aff instructor that flies a valkyrie ). Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have further questions.
  3. Hi All I am looking for people to split a day ( or more ) of canopy coaching with a Flight-1 instructor . Since most of them live in Deland, that would be the ideal location I live in Florida and I am looking to do this on a regular / monthly basis. I'm okay with people who are visiting / people living in florida / beginner / shit hot swooper, 1 day / 2 day whatever Even 1 person to split would be good enough and I would like to not split with more than 3, that beats the purpose of custom coaching. I do have this thing called 9 to 5 that I do to pay for skydiving so I would be able to do only weekends. Please message me if you are interested Thanks
  4. Hi All I currently have a bev suit with regular booties which I got when I was not sure what I will get into after AFF. I am really into 4 way competition now and I am getting the tony suit pitt special. I am confused about the XL and the Mega XL booties. I am getting the ballistic booties. I've heard a lot of people say that the mega XL booties will slow me down ( I am fairly lean, 6ft 160 lbs ) , so I should get the XL booties instead. A lot of people have also told me to get the mega xl booties and learn to fly them from the get go , and apparently the mega XL offers a very significant advantage over the XL. Please let me know what you guys think, any help would be appreciated Thanks