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  1. TorukMakto

    I can't flare right!

    I saw that you are in Skydive Panama City. Maxine Tate is doing a Flight-1 101 and 102 on the weekend of may 19 at skydive deland. I don't know who you are working with in Arizona. I don't see a Flight-1 canopy course scheduled in AZ for june and I would very strongly advice you to take a Flight-1 canopy course and not any other company / instructor. If you don't believe me ask around if anybody knows of a better option than Flight-1. I highly recommend you do the course at Deland. It's local, you don't have to wait till June, potentially something bad could happen in the very next jump if this is your current situation. Your problem is sight picture, you don't have enough video debrief's to know what's too high or too low and you are flaring high to err on the side of caution. Also 1 day courses are not enough. The Flight-1 courses are 2 days. PS--> I am not an employee / sponsored by flight-1. I am speaking in your best interest.