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    Skydive Voss

    I arrived during Voss Freefly Festival. What a pity !! (I could just stay a few days there during a trip - not the entire week as freeflyers do) There were no 1-day-fee to allow people like me to jump during this time. So... either pay a 150 $ fee for maybe 5 or 6 jumps... ...or don't. I didn't ! People from the staff didn't look so interested in welcoming me or other people for a few jumps as they were in money. Too sad. But the place is really scenic!
  2. I just stayed 1 day there, but the welcoming was really nice & friendly. The Aircraft looks old but can bring 20 jumpers. Each first rotation of each seance is flying, event if not full (wooa !!) Prices are corrects. The weather seems to be quite OK as it is in south Norway. The DZ is very big for landing and easy to appreciate, even for your first jumps there. All the people from the DZ is friendly, speaks fluent english and is here to take care of you. I warmly recommand this DZ, 1h45 driving from Oslo Gardermoen Intl Airport.