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  1. I am going out on about 5 limbs to say this but; In that message you found in his wallet it referenced "abbe" which I conjectured to be the intersection of "beach and ball" in Orange county. Then, connecting that to the money, which I conjectured again could mean "194200 +5800"or(20)(9)(40)(1) +(50)(80) or Tina+XB. conjectured further, hat if the same person(Duane?) wrote both, that he would use the same system of encoding. So I applied that rule to "XB" and got suerfragilisticeXBialidocious" from the movie Mary Poppins That is the way I guessed it was spelled when heard it but I googled it ad found it was expi not exbi as heard but maybe Cooer heard it that way as well The song has the lyric "I said it to my Girl who then was my wife" Does any of this mean anything to you?
  2. I wasn't particularly thinking of Duane when I posted that. Did Duane have a bizarre sense of humor? If he was the hijacker or simply found the money- would he play jokes with the authorities? If I was right about abbe being the intersection of beach and ball, then using the same rule on "XB" for someone growing up in the sixties. I would say it means" Super fragilistic eX-Bi alli docious", from" Mary Poppins' which I find humorous myself!
  3. If there is a "gamer" on this site , will you please make a game where you have to fly a plane the route of the hijacked plane. If we know the pounds of fuel, flight time, you could win the game by having zero minutes and zero fuel at the end of the flight. You would have to have a variable rate of fuel usage. for example at T- x minutes the aft stairs were engaged etc. causing an increase in fuel usage. My gut feeling tells me that unless the pilot flew over Tina bar, you would be hard pressed to duplicate the flight and win.
  4. I know you are the voice of reason, but I believe the money was found on Tena or Tina bar while Tina was living nearby; What if Cooper got fixated on Tina? He tried to give her money on the plane. Would he send her a love message? 194,200 +5800 rearrange numbers slightly (20)(9)(40)(1)+(50)(80) Tina+XB Tina + X Bar(r) ? (This is the only thing I'm good at!)
  5. Further, you would have noted that the Seattle ATC controllers gave the hijacked flight crew carte blanche to make any changes to their flight path that they wanted to do. Blevins writes: I also saw your post about perhaps the money ended up in the Columbia. This assumes Cooper went into the Columbia, and that would have to be done in the Portland area. Even if this were true, explain to me how at least three bundles of the cash managed to end up on the banks of the Columbia miles away from that point...all in the same spot. R99 replies: Your claims are false. I have NEVER said that Cooper landed in the Columbia River! Since 2009, I have repeatedly written that in all probability Cooper landed on solid ground but very near the river water and in the Tina Bar area. This statement of yours is pure nonsense. Blevins writes: As I've explained before, unless these bundles had little strings attached to each other holding them together, this scenario is highly unlikely. One thing that Tom Kaye's research on the money shows us, it is that this money did not lay out there for nine years in the cold, wet weather of the Pacific NW before it was found. Bills not 'fanned' either, as Kaye's team discovered happened when those packets are exposed to water. Rubber bands crumbly, but still in place. This money did not float down the Columbia on 11/24/71 and end up together miles away somehow. It would have turned to complete mush in eight plus years. R99 replies: I believe everyone who has seriously looked at this matter from Ckret to the present, concluded that the Tina Bar money was not exposed to water for the entire time that it was missing. Instead, it was protected by the bank bag and/or other things. This supports the idea that Cooper landed on dry land. And that three packets were found close together supports the idea of repeatability, meaning that the money arrived at Tina Bar from a nearby location. There is no evidence whatsoever to support the theory that the money was planted at Tina Bar. All indications are that it arrived there by natural means. Blevins writes: I believe the flight path map offered at the FBI's website is accurate. Some of the added notations showing the time the flight reached a particular point may be inaccurate. But the path itself is probably accurate. You admitted yourself that they were tracking that plane and that the radar info is good. Just because they misjudged a few time entries doesn't mean the path itself is wrong...which means Flight 305 missed Tina Bar by miles on the way down from Seattle. R99 replies: Of course the Seattle ATC was tracking the hijacked airliner! That was their job. And as I have said any number of times before, the only valid flight path is the one the FBI redacted from the Seattle ATC transcripts. Your comments on the so-called FBI map are meaningless. Do you have any information that the flight path on that map even represents the hijacked airliner? How about showing some proof for once. Robert99 The pilot who said he wanted to fly over the ocean could have purposely flown over the river (?)
  6. I'm sorry I have a habit of getting ahead of my self let me try and be concise; Nov 24th 63 Oswald was killed add 2900 days and you get Nov 2, '71 the anniversary of the Ngo assassination. Nov 24th '71 the skyjack by Cooper, add 2900 days and you get Nov 2cnd '79 Ngo's anniversary. 2900+2900=5800 So if he did plant the money then he seems to be saying the connection between Oswald and Cooper is the Ngo death
  7. The reason I kick around these dates is to come up with a motive. Cooper did a lot of planning but what was his grudge? Nov 24th 63 was when Oswald was killed - was that the motive? JFK could have prevented the assassination of Ngo, was Cooper upset about that? Was he happy Oswald shot JFK? I happen to think he planted the $5800 for a reason if he didn't then this is pointless.
  8. The books I've read on Newton shied away from that subject, but I'll check it out! I looked up the date Nov 2 and that happens to be the date of the assassination of the president of South Viet Nam Ngo Dinh Diem. It was over shadowed by JFK's later that month. So to repeat; Nov 24, 1971 + 2900 = Nov 2, 1979 or the anniversary. Of course Nov 24, 1971- 5800= Jan 7th 1956 which was the middle of the French pull out from Indochina. I suppose a French paratrooper who hated commies could be Cooper!
  9. That makes sense. I don't know if this fits into your theory or not (I still like my gold standard idea) but I noticed that the money was found (according to the net) Feb 10, 1980. that would be 3000 days after the hi-jack. 8x365 +2 leap year days + 6 days Nov ,31 dec,31 Jan, 10Feb. If he happened to bury the money on All Souls Day Nov 2, 1979, that would be 2900 days from the hi-jack If the grudge was 2 souls, that would be 2x2900 or 5800. I'm just throwing this out there if someone else has additional facts and can use it!
  10. Thanks for your expertise! Also I think he was probably too concerned with holding on to the money to worry about communicating with someone on the ground unless it was something that could make Morse code clicks on a certain frequency ?
  11. I don't know if anyone brought this up before but if those sticks of dynamite were flares, could he have signaled someone on the groud where he was coming down? Secondly, we know the test showed that a 200 pound sled worked perfect, but this was during a storm with updrafts(?) windshear(?) could he have been pulled up into the jet thrust and to spare details have his parachute straps burned off? In this scenario, the money ,(20 pounds) could have been tied to the chute and drifted (miles?) Just wondering!
  12. No wheat or wild oats? On a serious note I happened to be In the 3rd Arm. Cav in 74 so I missed the search but I did talk to a couple guys who participated. One a scout told me basically it was a cold and miserable search and they found no trace of Cooper. My sergeant told me he went looking for him on his own time so I think he either got out of the area immediately or is still there.
  13. I think if Kenny was the guilty party and knew that Tina flew flights to Japan, wouldn't it make more sense for Kenny to be the one changing his jobs to avoid Tina and that particular crew?
  14. I only lived there for a year or so You can drive up the road into the mountains or go four wheelin etc on the sand from the river. I remember my friend saying take a left on "Cugie" once If you drive straight to the ocean, you'll go past a sign "LLABBEACH" The corner of beach and ball Abbe (?)
  15. I used to live on San Gabriel st in Azusa in 1980- small world! I think in that context cugie might be short for Cucamunga (sp)? blvd.