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  1. We told to our student, that it is not a good idea to take his new (white!) jumpsuit to his first jump (AFF level 1)
  2. Or it´s a small Felix B. And the mum and her child on the left plan to land without a parachute!:) AFFcentrum.cz
  3. OK, thanks a lot! I will be in Varadero, so I found some tandems and ask
  4. I am going to Cuba in one month and would like to visit a dropzone there. Is anybody from Varadero? Is it possible to rent there a gear just for one jump? AFFcentrum.cz
  5. hanka

    Is it BASE?

    Do not try to unzip the file, just rename it (avi instead zip). Hanka AFFcentrum.cz
  6. hanka

    Is it BASE?

    No it wasn´t long.Some of the jumpers had even longer opening The canopy was not packed at all. They only layed it on the bridge, held the stows in hands and jumped. After first jumper - the other jumpers were jumping with wet canopy. Hanka PS= and yes, it was fun
  7. hanka

    Is it BASE?

    Hi, my friends jumped from the bridge and we are arguing now, if it is BASE or not. I say it´s not, because the parachute was open BEFORE the jump (would you call a man with only static line jumps a skydiver?). What do you people think? The height is cca 40 meters above water surface, canopy is round reserve PZS 92. Thanks... Hanka Download video here and rename the file to Beda.avi: http://bluebenesky.webzdarma.cz/Beda.zip AFFcentrum.cz
  8. Hey, friend just bought a camera on her helmet, co here http://an-2.no-ip.org/skydiving/ you can find some fun jumps (and also first jump out of Skyvan Sc-7)
  9. I was in Hurghada last year and was writing with people there. There should be An-2. But there was nobody able to tell me, where the DZ is. Doesnt matter, it was not a jumping holiday
  10. thanks, but I would jump there only if I can land back in Egypt (I guess it should be a HAHO jump)... AFFcentrum.cz
  11. Is any DZ near Sharm El_Sheikh? I will be there in June and would like to make just one or two jumps there
  12. Well, I use KAP on main and Cypress on reserve AFFcentrum.cz