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  1. This is sort of a reply to all that have answered, thanks for the information! I am in college right now so that's why I was wondering prices. I have the money to do it this summer and I was thinking I would do it during an 8 day break so I could get it done. I will hopefully get some tunnel time in! Thanks again
  2. Just looking for an idea of what you all paid for your A-license. Right now for me, it's looking around 2500-3000 USD. Sound about right? Thanks everyone
  3. Thats about what I was thinking ha, I would feel much better with one. Thanks for the opinions!! Like someone else said, it will also make my parents feel better :)
  4. Thanks for the info! Will definitely look into all of this! Also, What is all of your opinions on AAD's, MUST HAVE or optional? Thanks
  5. Yeah, the only reason Is that the DZ closes for a few months
  6. I will at least do a jump a month march-december but what about the off season?
  7. Thanks for the information!! Is a great help hearing from others
  8. That is awesome!!! I am ready to spend the money and I will continue working. How long did you rent your gear and what kind of things did you buy? Thanks and have fun
  9. Thanks for the tips!! I will for sure wait until I know what I am talking about before buying gear, but for future reference do you go with used or new, and how much will it all cost? Thanks!
  10. Hi Tela! Thanks for the suggestion, I will for sure try my best to relax!! Congratz on getting to solo jumps that is awesome!! As far as gear I will wait until I have been jumping for awhile! Thanks again and good luck. Update me on how you do!
  11. Hi kenthediver! Yes for sure education is first, I've got all of that taken care of and I was thinking of jumping during my summers in between paychecks;) but It is amazing and I won't forget to save a little for the beer!!
  12. Hello everyone! I just turned 18 end of May, and decided that I would jump out of a plane because it's something I always thought was amazing. So I gathered a few buddies of mine and off we went, not getting nervous until we pulled into the parking lot! Regardless we had tons of fun and went for our second tandem 3 weeks later. I loved every minute and would like nothing more than to get into the sport. I have the money for the class which I will take in the spring because I am going off to college. After that I will have about $3,000 USD to spend..Should I buy or rent gear? Is there any tips/tricks I NEED to know before I start? I understand it's an expensive sport but I feel that if I enjoy myself it is worth it. It's a feeling I can't get from anything else. Please just say hello, leave stories about how you got into skydiving, or just give me some recommendations! Thanks everyone!! You all are awesome!