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  1. Noticed my local airport has started to swab for ''explosives''. Anyone had that test done on a carry on rig with a cypres? Problems?
  2. I've been wondering what is the general consensus in the various countries of what a non rigger can do to their own gear before getting slapped and why? After bringing this up in a group, it turned out that people had vastly different opinions (multinational group with different types of licenses). On one side, some want everything to be done by a rigger and know very little about their equipment and don't want to know more. On the other, some do most everything but patches and lines by themselves. NOTE: This is meant as a poll about mains, not the reserve or harness/container system. Please comment on what is used by your license system/country, thanks!
  3. Are risers interchangeable between containers? Say vector risers on an icon ? Thanks !
  4. Aerodyne icon stock rig w custom harness in 4 weeks?
  5. So, I'm playing with the idea of making a tracking suit from scratch. Not to save cash or anything ,but as a fun project I can actually use. Any thought's on fabric type and the thing exploding in flight? I'm not a rigger, but I don't have a time limit either
  6. Thank you for the information, much appreciated. I'll focus more on that next time jumping.
  7. Quick mashup of some openings this week. Yes, bad habit reaching for risers. Body position and deployment speed have been rather constant. I do leave some time to slow down after a track for deployment. Hop n pops really screw me unless I leave a good 5 seconds to reach terminal (Good, stable exits, just takes forever for the canopy to come out of the bag, and at that point it's twisted to hell.) New lineset is in the mail and pilot chute will be retired next month, hopefully that will help out.
  8. I've been jumping a pilot 168 for a good while now and the openings are getting increasingly funky. In the beginning there was a nice snivel, followed by symetrical inflation, didn't even see closed end cells for the first 50 jumps on this. Now, the openings have started tossing me around and more often than not give me a 90 or 180 whichever direction. Not nice for FS jumping in larger groups. I've been packing the thing myself most of the time. Lines have 300-400 jumps on them. Haven't had any hard openings though, so that's nice. Any tips other than taking up knitting? TLDR; Shit openings on Pilot 168, any tips?
  9. Time for a repack then? Thank's for the reply!
  10. So, I noticed a gap between the last flap where the reserve pin is and the flaps on the reserve container. Took a closer look, and I can see the cutter. Is it really supposed to be there? Took a look at the manual, but I'm no rigger. Sorry for the bad picture, but that brass looking thing next to my thumb appears to be the cutter. Any ideas?