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  1. Hi there. The only dropzone that has loads during the whole week in Brazil is the biggest one in Boituva, SP (its called Centro Nacional de Paraquedismo). It's a big DZ with several different schools operating off the same runway and they have some Cessna Caravans, some are shared between schools and others are exclusive. If you google words like skydive + boituva you'll find the place (it's a small town about 1h n half hours drive from Sao Paulo main airport). Be careful as the weather can get a bit sketchy sometimes also if you are unlucky, they have need about 7-10 people to put a load on air so on a slow week day you might not jump (only happened to me once and I go there about 3-4 times a year). Second choice would be a dropzone in Rio de Janeiro (another town about 1h from the main city) but I've never been there. I know that they operate a Caravan during weekend but not much else, sorry. Cheers
  2. [Anachronist] Hey, thanks for the tips! I did my FFC in Deland. Great people there, but like you said, it's a bit hit or miss during the week to find people to jump with... [mccordia] I saw that one on your website when I was looking for events in Kolomna, Russia. Sadly I had already bought my tickets and arrived in Moscow about 1 day after the camp was over =/ [Mentosfresh] Hey, I found some very cheap tickets to LA and the date of the AZ rally fit really well on my calendar. I am planning to arrive on Oct 29th and maybe stay a couple of days in Perris then drive all the way to Eloy for the wingsuit rally! Guess I will see you there! Thanks.
  3. Hi there! I still have about 60 wingsuit jumps (Squirrel Swift 1) and I am having a hard time finding other wingsuit flyers around the DZs where I usually jump (small DZs in Brazil), so apart from about 15 coach jumps all of them were solo. Since I'll have the opportunity to travel from september to december this year, I was wondering if someone could recommend me a wingsuit boogie/camp where they welcome new flyers and arrange small groups jumps, preferably somewhere in North & South America. Thanks! Blue Skies