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  1. Hi all, I’ve got 20 jumps under my belt, all done in a week on AFF. My first 2 jumps I was a bit apprehensive but buzzing too much to let it affect me. Jump 3 I was sat in the plane trying not to crap myself as by this point I was starting to understand it more and knew what was coming. I completed AFF (UK) but the last 5 jumps, the fear started building more and more. By the end of jump 20 I am now more apprehensive than on jump 1. What’s going on? Surely this is meant to get easier, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to loose it completely as that’s part of the fun also getting comfortable incites complacency. I’m not a stranger to dangerous situations ( served in the army on multiple tours) but I haven’t jumped in over a year. Been to the DZ but not even made it out of the car. I’m my mind I’m cursing myself for being weak, remind myself of the reassuring statistics on accidents, and use all the tricks I know to calm myself down but I’m really struggling. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Pete. 1st time poster, long time reader.
  2. From the first contact with Freefall Uni I have seen nothing but professionalism. One quick phone call and I had flights, hotel, airport transfers and an AFF course booked. All at a good price. When I arrived in Madrid their driver was waiting to collect me. He even showed me the sights and places to eat around town. At the DZ I was taken through all the training at a pace that suited me. The ground school was excellent and very thorough. The facilities on the dz were very good, swimming pool near by, a cafeteria, and internet access. On my AFF jumps I was instructed by Ryan who behaves as a professional at all times. Here again I was allowed to progress at my own pace and never felt under pressure to get on with it. All instructors would take the time to explain everything to you even if you were not their student. Also they were all British so have confidence in no miscommunication. Overall the place is amazing and as soon as I am able to go back then I will be on the plane.