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  1. I don't see it denying anyone the right to use a gun in self defense. It just adds to the rules already in place. I will be the first to recognize that gun laws only matter to law abiding people, but I believe reasonable gun laws can affect all people, law abiding or not. For example, if you outlawed large mags, their accessibility would eventually go down and the cost up, making them harder to obtain.
  2. Agreed. Guns, being the inanimate objects that they are, are not the "cause" of anything. The people who use them for bad purposes are the cause indeed. But here we are in 2012, and we've somehow arrived at the point where mass murders of innocents by one-off lunatics is an aspect of our culture. Yes, people intent on killing innocents will find a way, large mags or no large mags, but the easy availability of them today makes mass killing REAL easy. Is there just nothing we can do about it? . . =(_8^(1)
  3. As you I am sure know, banning something doesn't make it go away. It just creates a black market. Marijuana is currently under a Federal ban. How easy is it to buy? You're asking a Coloradoan?
  4. The previous 90's ban was weak, including grandfathering in existing high capacity mags. A stronger ban might "work", as in fewer children being summarily executed by loons so easily. . . =(_8^(1)
  5. Damn near impossible to implement and with so many already in circulation it wouldn't make a difference. It's not a middle of the road compromise if it doesn't work. It's just another useless law. Would require outlawing and confiscation of existing large mags to have any impact. Yea I know, good luck with that. . . =(_8^(1)
  6. Magazine sizes should be on the table. Easy access to large capacity semi-auto weapons makes mass murder just a little too convenient. I just bought a dozen 30 5.56 magazines I dont own a 5.56 anymore but views like this are likely to make worth 10 times what I paid for them soon BTW, the US's major shooting/gun suppliers just told thier distributors that they are completely sold out of all high cap mags and AR15 type weapons I dont know how many that is but, you can bet it is a lot Sure they're sold out, because that's the obvious conversation to have about gun control right now. Semi-auto weapons will never be touched, nor should they be, but legal magazine sizes are worth a chat. . . =(_8^(1)
  7. Magazine sizes should be on the table. Easy access to large capacity semi-auto weapons makes mass murder just a little too convenient. Doesn't make any difference. Ejecting an empty magazine and inserting a full one doesn't take much time at all and is especially irrelevant when attacking unarmed people. Also there are so many high capacity magazines out there that banning future sales will make very little difference in the availability. It will only affect the cost. I do understand the futility of bans, and am very much pro SA. But I am also distraught over all the mass killings lately. What if it took a more thorough background check and/or justification to possess more than one magazine of an agreed to size for any given type of firearm, and a law making it illegal to possess otherwise? How about some mid-road compromise along those lines, the goal being to eventually mitigate easy access to large magazines. . . =(_8^(1)
  8. Magazine sizes should be on the table. Easy access to large capacity semi-auto weapons makes mass murder just a little too convenient. . . =(_8^(1)
  9. Ah, not to worry. At best I've enjoyed a very small role around here -- entertaining Amazon and annoying Billvon. Such is my lot in dizzy com social life. . . =(_8^(1)
  10. There you go again! Do you drive a Hummer? . . =(_8^(1)
  11. Well hello to you too Amazon, I see you're stirring up the shit in here as usual
  12. You mean like when you spout off about your immense knowledge of Law? . . =(_8^(1)
  13. If MLB pulls the All Star game, they'll face a huge backlash from the majority of Americans that support AZ's new law. That's why they won't pull it. . . =(_8^(1)