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  1. Miklos was quite the character and a good friend. I made a couple of jumps from 24,000' with him. He is missed.
  2. Everyone will have their own opinion, and a right to voice it... That said. The Parachute Center at Lodi would probably meet your needs the best. Bill Dause, the owner, is committed to getting jumpers in the air. It has been many years since I was a staff instructor at Lodi, but many people have learned to safely skydive there. I believe that Lodi is open for jumping every day which will be important if you have a short window of time. Lodi is not affiliated with USPA, but that does not mean that it is not a great place to skydive. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  3. RIP my friend. Miss you already.
  4. Wow. Heartbreaking. Cliff is one of the first equipment mfgs that I knew in the sport. I won a Sweethog at Freeport and jumped them for many years. A true loss to our sport. My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones. What a horrible black weekend...
  5. I remember getting the phone call. Bungee was on staff at SkyDance when I was an instructor there. We were told that his body was found away from the wreckage in accordance with the "legends". If you believe that what is reported in the newspaper is exactly what actually happened then you have never been involved in anything news worthy. My experience has been that even when you yourself tell the reporter the details, there are errors in the story.
  6. Thanks for posting the pix, Rick. I havent seen the freefall photo - hopefully someone will post it.... It was a very moving afternoon.
  7. My heart is breaking. I don't know Bob very well but considered Danny a good friend. I knew him through PIA and other industry events. I dont even have words. Condolences to the families. Lori Kraemer Clark
  8. Well, they just rescheduled me right out of the boogie. I was off work the original dates, now the boogie will be right in the middle of my tour of duty. Oh well. Shane probably couldn't have come anyway. You and Star would have spent the whole week babysitting my little angels.... Hugs,
  9. Firefighter/Paramedic - 8 years with city of Tucson Fire Dept - 2 years as EMT prior to FF in Sacramento. My sister was on the FD first and encouraged me to get my EMT cert and to test. She and I are now on the same paramedic company, PM13, on different shifts. We actually are each others relief person. We work a 5/6 schedule, 24 hours on, 24 off for five shifts then we have six days off. Yeah for six days off. Our little city is growing. Our department is not growing as quickly. We get pretty abused on the busy nights.... Adam did make it into our fire academy. However, due to some weird technicality (paperwork thing) he and several others didnt make it through. He was doing great and looks great! He's working at Square2 for the time being! We have two skydiving chicks firefighters on our dept... I was hoping for a dude to join us....
  10. I like the family restrooms that alot of malls are going to. It gives dad's with daughters and mom's with sons more options. I agree with whoever suggested M, F, & "?". If you have any gender identity issues just choose "?". Side note, many years ago, I was in a ladies room in a restaraunt. Several "ladies" were in there with me. Turns out they were cross dressers or something along that line - I was very VERY uncomfortable about them using the women's restroom. Now, I'm just a conservative mid-west girl, so it was a bit of a shock. Just didnt seem appropriate at the time.
  11. Great post. I'm a peopleist. I've thrived in male dominated fields and sports my whole life - because that is who I am, and not to prove anything about women. I'm a firefighter with nearly 2000 tandems in my skydiving history. I do make the same money as my male counterparts because of the field I have chosen. I believe in people's rights, not women's rights above all others. Just my thoughts... (And I'd love to be a stay at home mom - but I make too much money and I'd go absolutely crazy without adult stimulation in my life!)
  12. I breastfed both of my daughters for a little over a year each. Wearing clothing designed to make breast feeding easier, most people did not know that my babies were nursing. As a dz organizer, I actually organized loads while feeding a little one. No one at the dz complained. Of course, they'd seen it all before.....