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  1. I would suggest timing your tunnel time to coincide with a couple of days spent down the DZ. Tunnel with your coaches, and then jumps with the same coach/coaches in the following couple of days will make a massive difference to getting your FS1 quickly! If you just go down the DZ to do the odd jump, you'll find yourself with a different coach every time and you'll find progress slow. Oh and as soon as you get FS1 it opens up your skydiving much fun
  2. The fact that this is his one and only post, and he hasn't responded to any follow up posts on the thread kind of sum it up. Sounds like a troll to me...
  3. Thanks for the responses all - made me feel a bit better about my Sabre2! I've already got used to the amazing flare power, so I can forgive the weird openings
  4. Interesting you mention this. I've recently got a Sabre2 190 with about 250 jumps on it; my body position is pretty good on deployment, and I've always been rock solid...but with the Sabre2 I consistently get anything between 90 degree and 360 turns on deployment. I'll look up to see it snivelling nicely, but right at the end it decides to go nuts on me. The slider typically stays up a long time (often have to use rear risers to bring it down), and I almost always have end cell closure on the left side. Some of the 360s are quite violent, but once it settles down it flies beautifully. The toggle pressure seems much higher than other canopies I've jumped, but the flare is endless. Where people find themselves running off nil wind landings, this can stop dead. Although I'm also finding I can push the flare just a little bit too much and have the canopy "pop up" right at the end. Anyone else experience these characteristics?
  5. Your own nerve? I'm not the one getting all defensive here..... All you're doing is ranting.
  6. Wow. Just wow. Aside from the fact that this is becoming way off topic, let me say that as a UK jumper (and someone who's recently returned to the sport after 15 years out), these negative comments do not reflect my own experience. Firstly - I have come across instructors up their own arses, but to say that's a UK thing? No, it's just humans in general. Secondly, RE: FS1. To obtain your FS1 you need to do alot more than a 4 point 4 way. That is the check out dive, but you have to demonstrate that you can fly safely with other jumpers (so control descent rate, lateral and forwards/backwards movements, turns, diving to formations). In terms of slots? Yes I think alot of DZs state you have to pay for the other slots, but I didn't because the other jumpers were willing to pay for their own. And I will do the same in the future if I ever get asked to go on someone's FS1 dive. You don't need to fly to the states to do your FS1, unless there's a consistent spell of bad weather here (which does happen).
  7. I think there's a guy who jumps in the UK who has aspergers - Jamie and Ricard? (think Ricard is Jamie's carer). Really good story and some good videos of his first 100 jumps or so (IIRC). Jamie's mum has posted before on UKS, so might be worth looking on there :)
  8. This is exactly what I think!
  9. Hi all One of my first posts, but I've been a lurker on the forums for quite a while! I quit skydiving over a decade ago, really due to money and cold english winters...and just ended up moving onto other things, before I even hit a 100 jumps. Importantly, my previous jumping days were before I met my wife and the kids arrived (2 young daughters). After so many years out, this year found me hankering for the skies again, and I've started jumping
  10. I've just returned to jumping after a 13 year layoff. I was in my 20s and single then (only got to 72 jumps before I quit due to funds, UK winter and the fact that I was bored of solos and couldn't afford to do FS1). Now I'm 40, married, and have 2 daughters of 3 and 5 years old...and I've just started jumping again! I read posts like yours and wonder if I'm just plain mad for coming back!