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  1. Who the hell are you. I'm your dream, make you real I'm your eyes when you must steal I'm your pain when you can't feel
  2. I don't really have enough time in the day to list the reasons why I don't like you.
  3. Frank Wilson. Don't have his number, but can find it if you really need it. Let me know.
  4. that is if they get refinanced and also they may have to bring it current with the new mortgage lender, but typically the old lender, the one that declared foreclosure on them will want the whole ball of wax...default payments/attorney's fees, title search fees and publication costs it varies state to state...definitely contact an attorney in that state...
  5. If you go to outside help, you may be taking it out of the mouths you have to feed...I would reconsider...
  6. Anyone else being OCD about hitting the *refresh* button in suspense? YES!!!
  7. Here's a bigger pic of my avatar and a kiss pic before our pre-second jump together at Palatka.
  8. Yes, I mean Arnica Gel...gimme a break...my body hurts..
  9. Go to a natural foods store and get a tube of Armica Gel. It will do wonders. I took a spill down some concrete stairs yesterday.
  10. Are ya modifying the list when you are digging it back up???? Even though, his name isn't on the list anymore, Andy is coming with me...I figured you would be kinda partial to him since he does share the same name.
  11. That's very cool. It reminds me of when I turned 15, my dad rolled up in a red, Toyota Celica for me at my mom's house. What year is the Triumph?
  12. You and missg8tordivr would get along splendidly...My choices, however are: 1. Rum Runner 2. Mango Margarita 3. Red Wine- either Lambrusco or Rosato (hehe, gotta love Reunite)
  13. 2 cups of coffee with coconut cream, a bottle of water and an apple crisp bar.
  14. I am a huge Dan Marino fan too, so let's not go there... He's got 2 weeks off to heal that bruised thumb. You bet your sweet ass he'll be playing the game of his life on February 2. Who said anything about allowing the Bears' O anywhere on the field to begin with?? Samuel just got lucky...Peyton was right in the numbers with those passes to Marvin. Now, why are we turning this into a UF/UT matter? As for the overrated comment...numbers don't lie baby. You better HOPE Colts and Peyton win...that's all I'm sayin...
  15. COLTS COLTS COLTS!!!! Peyton is the man!!!
  16. A large roll or a large role?? It's where RC Cola and Moonpies come from too!!
  17. AJskydiver AllisonH Avalonwings Bch7773 BigBug BigM BillyVance (maybe) bloody BETTER BE dude...that's right - I'm yelling!!!Laugh Bolas Blueskyserenity Carbonezone ccowden Chaoskitty CrazyRick crutch CSpenceFly DaGimp & PornKitty DownwindDave dzmemories flskydiver FlyDoc fmmobley Goofyjumper HeyNoSeriously hisgoofyness Hushpuppy icevideot Icon134 (still maybe... Frown Ifallfast Jeannier JeepDiver Jeiber Jerrald JesSke Julie jumpchikk jumpingbean001 LadyBug Lauraliscious LittleSkyCrab LoveBug matt1215 McDuck + his Cora MicDuran Mirage62 Missg8tor + Chris Meng MOUTH and hubby mwabd1 namgrunt nannerbanner ncfitzge oozzee PapaSke Peregrinerose Pitts twins Popsjumper Psychobob and Psychopatty Pyke Rastaricanair RedBug Revillusion RevJim skinnyshrek jumper03 Skydave Skydivingchad Skymama Speedygonzales Stitch smud79 T teamjenn1 Thanatos340 TinMan Team Dirty Sanchez The Falling Gators TMaricle55 TMPattersonJr (maybe) Turtle Whodamiss and Freelyflyn71 wildcard451 + dick in a box woodpecker yardhippie 2fat2fly Added Andy and myself.
  18. What I love is the fact that you get hammered and THEN you decide to post on dz.com. Thank you for the free entertainment.
  19. My man Peyton is going to the Super Bowl!!! GO COLTS!!