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  1. murrays

    Handbrake 9.4 released

    Fixed the clicky
  2. murrays

    Lockheed 10E

    Roger Ponce?? [WAG]
  3. murrays

    Belly Reserve Deployment

    I am SO glad I never had to do what is in that photo! The sight of that undiapered round just about to get to line stretch is pretty scary! (27 belly wart jumps and 0 malfunctions)
  4. murrays


    No idea where the name came from. Maybe an acronym in Danish It was the first audible altimeter produced by Larssen & Brusgaard. Bought my first one in 1981 in ZHills.
  5. Chuck, Do they have a website with the designs on it? Murray
  6. murrays

    Apple 8 Core Work station!!!

    Re the price point....I saw a post somewhere after the 8 core was announced comparing adecked out MacPro to a similarly equipped Dell...not much difference. The macpro was a bit more expensive but had more storage and a couple of other marginal extras. Looked like a dead heat. But, in both instances, you could buy a nice car for the price.
  7. There may be something on Versiontracker that will help you...I remember seeing software to do this a while ago but can't remember the name....will do a search... Here's the search results for "photo recovery". There are three programs listed...2 of which are might be able to use one of them to get your photo off without paying the shareware fee. Good luck! Saw a reference to a freeware program called Exif Untrasher in one of the reviews of the above's free and has 5 star reviews...give Untrasher a try!
  8. murrays

    New 24" iMac

    Here's an article about the possible upgrade-ability.
  9. murrays

    New 24" iMac

    Just learned the 24" model has Firewire800 as well as FW400.
  10. murrays

    30 inch Apple Cinema HD display

    Much as it pains me to type this, I have seen reviews of a Dell 30 inch monitors that stated that it was as good or better than the Apple 30" Cinema Display and at a lower price. Of course, I don't know how the prices compare now since Apple dropped the prices on all monitors on Monday August 7th. So, you might check into this.... Whatever you buy you will have an amazing setup to work on. I've only seen one of these things and it's like iMax on your desktop
  11. murrays

    MacBook Pro Question

    Just a guess but I bet the Application Support folder is where the XP partition shows up when you are in OS X. I have a ton of apps on my machine and the Application Folder is 3.47 GB, my Application Support folder is 5.92 gb. Having two OSes on your machine is going to chew up hard drive space in a hurry. Can you return it and get a model with the 120 gb hard drive? I have 250 gb on my machine plus two external drives of 60 and 160...and I still plug them up ... with video and photos and music the space just disappears.
  12. murrays

    MacBook Pro Question

    I can't find anything on the Apple support site about resizing Boot Camp Partitions. I came across a comment that indicates you can't resize the partition: From Macfixit forums... In reply to: -------- The ability to manipulate data and write a new partition without erasing the data already exists in Boot Camp. I have little doubt that Apple will incorporate this into Leopard. ------- Boot Camp doesn't give you the option to create Mac partitions, only Boot Camp partitions (which then require you to erase and format them as HFS+ partitions). The ability to dynamically resize Boot Camp partitions does not exist. ------------------------------------------ Why don't you look into buying a copy of Parallels? Get rid of the Boot Camp partition and be able to run Win XP without rebooting. If you've installed a ton of Windows programs you'd have to do it all over again but all the free space on your hard drive would be available if you use Parallels.
  13. murrays

    who makes the cruiselight?

    It was made by ParaFlite but hasn't been made for many years now.
  14. murrays

    Converting RAW images to jpg?

    Before you convert the RAW images to anything else you might want to learn a bit more about head is hurting since I got my new Nikon D70S and had to start learning about RAW. The ability to adjust for shadows, highlights and midtones before converting to another format is very incredible. I have the Adobe Camera Raw and it is very neat to play with the sliders to see how much shadow detail there is and then play with the's like being able to burn in and dodge in film terms and is important that you do that before converting to another file format which will do its own adjustments that you have no control over. I know that there are many on here that can explain this better or point you to good information sources.
  15. murrays

    Tandem in CRW?

    I believe it is now a forbidden activity but back before that happened I did a 2-stack with a buddy who had his wife as a passenger. (This was in 1985 I believe...pre-drogue) She was also a skydiver. They docked on me...we figured that if it went to shit they could cutaway. A tandem getting wrapped would be a very ugly thing. --->>>Edited to attach a picture of the jump...sorry for the quality... And to say that one of the photos I took was used as a cover shot for CanPara (CSPA's mag) and it caused quite an uproar....because the tandem pair wasn't wearing head gear...not becasue doing CRW on a tandem might be a bit hazardous